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Post Number 10 Face To Face

Posted on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 3:15pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather Devroe

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Drifting Ship
Timeline: Current


{Deck 3}


Then the Lift door opened and the Boss walked out with an evil grin on his face along with a shitty smile.

[End Snip]

The Commander was still hanging from the beams by his arms and his shoulders were beginning to feel the stress from the weight of his body; maybe when this was all over he may want to go on a diet.

Eddie walked into the room and leaned against the wall sizing up Jamie. Finally he walked over to Jamie, reached up and loosened the bonds enough so just his toes were able to touch but nothing more. Stepping back "I trust that feels better, but be warned you try anything and you'll dangle a lot higher. Do we understand each other commander."

Jamie nodded then proceeded "So who do I have the pleasure of addressing....and you do realize that abducting a Federation Officer is an act of war....of course in your case I suppose that would be a moot point" he stated.

"Name's Eddie Brisco, commander and yes it's moot. Your not going anywhere soon. Cooperate and I'll let you live. Your Federation tries anything your the first one to die."

Jamie could feel his Irish temper start to kick in "Look Brisco I don't take kindly to threats....matter of fact be a man and cut me down....then we'll see who the last man standing is" he stated being quite pissed at the moment "And what do I need to cooperate with exactly."

"It's not a threat commander but a promise. Your knowledge of engineering is known to my people. Your going to get this hulk moving and in top shape. Your going to contact your ship, tell my wife to do as she's told or I'll sell our daughter to the highest bidder," Eddie said.

Jamie thought for a moment "If I'm going to contact my Ship I need to know who your wife is....and what kind of a scum bag are you to sell your own daughter to someone" he replied with his voice becoming louder by the moment "Furthermore If you think for a moment that I'm going to get this ship going so you can continue your murderous ways....then buddy your sadly mistaken!"

"My dear commander, I have no intentions of selling my daughter BUT your going to tell her I am. My wife is Rayven Mist. And you will fix this ship unless pain is something you enjoy. Yelling will do you no good as my people won't help you. Those status pods need to be delivered to your ship and my crew woken up. So what's it going to be?" Eddie asked pulling a knife from his boot and unsheathing it.

Jamie just look at Brisco and chuckled "You're one sorely warped your worst because I'm still not going to help you now or ever. That's where I've heard your name....and Rayven you mean your ex wife don't you....she's much better without you."

"I'll deal with Rayven my own way. I'd be more worried about what is going to happen to you if you don't fix this ship," Eddie said as he walked to the door, opened it and headed out but returned seconds later with a hypo-spray. Walking over to Jamie Eddie pressed the hypo-spray against his neck, "This won't kill you, it will take effect very quickly. Your going to feel bugs crawling all over you, and it's going to itch. You still refuse to fix this ship I'll hurt you, this is going to be mild compared to what I'm capable of." Two of his men walked in as Eddie drew his phaser "Cut him down and secure him, then take him to the brig and make sure he can't get lose or free."

"Got ya boss."

Moments after the injection Jamie could feel his skin crawl the inching was so bad; not wanting this to get the best of him Jamie closed his eyes...took a couple of deep breaths to center the itching was at least bearable. Figuring he should put on a show for the prisoners to keep things realistic, he began to wiggle and yell as they were moving him to the brig "Aaaah.....make the itching stop....please....this is unbearable" he yelled.

The one prisoner looked at the other " The Boss is a true artist when it comes to pain" The other just laughed "Yup....poor bastard...wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now...he should have listened to the Boss."

The three entered the Lift and went down to Deck 4 which had a small brig as well as the Engine Room. They threw Jamie in the cell on a seat then proceeded to bind his wrist and ankles "There that should hold you creep!" the one prisoner stated as the other laughed. They shut and locked the cell door and went off leaving Jamie alone.

By this time the drug had taken full effect and Jamie had all he could do to control the itching so trying to free himself was not really an option at this he would have to figure out what his next move would be.

Then Jamie thought he heard a familiar voice....when he looked up it was Heather in the air vent. After a brief conversation with her, Jamie knew now what their next move would he would just sit and wait for Brisco to return.

Eddie had watched Jamie and either the drug had little to no effect or he was good at hiding it decided to give the commander a triple dose. After loading the hypo-spray Eddie made his way to the cell that held him. "Lower the forcefield and follow me in, keep your weapon trained on him."

"No problem boss,"

"Well commander since my first injection didn't have an effect on you and your the first one who has not had a reaction. I'm going to give you a triple dose this time. No one can handle one this strong." Eddie said as he pressed the hypo to Jamie's neck. "Only I have the means end your suffering. You agree to fix this ship and I'll end this. Otherwise you'll get an injection this strong every hour. Beleive me, you'll beg for me to end it. Enjoy." With that Eddie snickered and walked from the cell. "Raise the forcefield and alert me when he wants to talk to me."

"Understood boss, but what about Rayven?"

"I'll handle her you just do as your told," Eddie said heading out

Jamie braced himself for what was going to happen next. He closed his eyes and breathed in and out deeply trying to get his head out of the situation. Suddenly Jamie began to shake almost uncontrollably as his body was trying to tolerate the drug; hopefully he wouldn't die before Heather could rescue him.

After almost an hour had rolled by Jamie looked up at the prisoner watching him "Hey...scumbag....tell your Boss I'm ready to talk to him" he managed to get out. Now Heather's plan could get underway.

"Eddie will be glad you've come to your senses, I told you he was a master at pain." picking up a device he pressed a button spoke into the device and nodded "Boss is on the way.

Eddie walked in a few minutes later carrying two hypo-spray's, shackles and a uniform, nodding to his man the forcefield went down and Eddie walked into the cell and tossed the uniform at Jamie. Eddie removed the restraints "Put that on, refuse and you get another dose."

Jamie put on the uniform and Eddie put the shackles on Jamie's legs, "Now if you'll come with me, we can get this bucket of bolts going." Eddie said.



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