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Post #14 Rescue Pt.2

Posted on Tue Dec 14th, 2021 @ 8:19pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather Devroe & Captain Mystery Ellis
Edited on on Tue Dec 14th, 2021 @ 8:20pm

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Drifting Ship
Timeline: Current


{Deck 4}

Commander O'Connell was escorted into the Engine Room by Eddie and two of his men, who were armed with phasers, and walked him over to the Console to start his work on getting the Ship back up and running.

Meanwhile Heather quietly made her way down to Deck 4 and posted up by an air vent just outside the Engine Room and sat listening to what was going on waiting for the right time to act and get Jamie and herself off that ship and back to the Independence.

Even though Jamie knew what the Engine problem was, he decided to run diagnostics to give Heather some time to start her rescue operation. Looking at Brisco "I'm going to have to run full diagnostics to see exactly what the problem is before I can start to effect any repairs" Jamie explained.

"Don't try anything, one of my men is an engineer, he's not as skilled as you are so he'll be watching," Eddie said "Try anything I'll give you another dose of the drug."

Jamie looked at Brisco and nodded even though he was seething with contempt for this scumbag and would like nothing better than to put him down....permanently. Jamie proceeded keying in diagnostics into the Computer just to waste time and not appear obvious about it.

Since Eddie could see Jamie hard at work he decided to leave for a few minutes to check on his other guys.

After quite some time Jamie turned to the guy who was supposed to be an Engineer "I found the problem....there's a something wrong with the Dilithium Chamber" he explained.

The guy looked at Jamie with a puzzled look "The what?" he asked. Jamie smiled to himself thinking "Obviously this guy isn't much of an Engineer....this may be easier than I thought."

Jamie shut down the Chamber and decided to take a closer look at the problem. He systematically checked each function of the Chamber and discovered that some of the Dilithium had become fractured and would need replacing. Turning to the so called Engineer "Some of the Dilithium is fractured and needs to be replaced to get the Engines functioning properly" he explained.

Now the guy was more confused than ever "So how do we do that and how long will that take" he asked.

Jamie thought for a few moments "Not exactly sure....depends how long it takes to take the Chamber apart and also if you have any spares on board.....that's about a good of an answer as your going to get at this point." The guy just looked at Jamie and didn't know what else to do but nod like he understood.

After listening to the conversations, and counting voices, Heather figured it was safe to drop down out of the air vent. She looked through the vent and saw no one was near, so she very quietly unlatched the vent and dropped down through it. Since she was wearing soft sole shoes, when she landed on the floor no noise could be heard. Then she put the vent back up and latched it.

Heather went into the shadows and waited for a few moments just to be sure she hadn't been detected. Then Heather crept around to the doorway of the Engine Room and checked to see how many prisoners she would have to take out. Only two and both were armed with phasers; but at least the odds were much least for now.

She grabbed her blowgun and a drugged dart.....then got herself into position....taking careful aim at the closest guy to her....she let one of the darts fly.....seconds later it hit her intended target....down he went...out cold.

Since the other prisoner was watching Jamie intently, and didn't see what happened to his fellow prisoner, Heather got herself into position.....let the second dart fly....success....down he went.

Jamie , after seeing what just happened, looked around the Room for Heather. Before he could locate her, as luck would have it, Brisco entered the Room with another guy and noticed his two men down on the floor and Jamie standing there looking around.

Heather saw the two men enter and ducked down behind a console to conceal herself.

Walking over to Jamie, Eddie grabbed him by the throat and shoved him against a console and put his phaser at Jamie's temple "I warned you about trying anything. What the hell happened to my men and who is here?" Eddie reached into his pocket and gave Jamie another dose of the drug before releasing him. Turning to his man "Did you see what his diagnostic revealed?"

"Yes boss, but I don't think we have the parts to fix it, something about the Dilithum chamber,"

Eddie glared at Jamie "FIX IT NOW! I don't care how much agony your in. Stall any longer and you get another dose. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!"

Jamie nodded yes and went back to work hoping Heather knew what she was up against. After the triple dose from earlier the single dose was a walk in the park and it barely caused him any discomfort.

Heather stayed concealed behind the console as she heard Brisco screaming at Jamie.....his temper was getting the best of him causing him to be off his game and with only one other guy with him, now was the time to act.

"Your running out of time, either get this ship fixed or I'll give you a much stronger dose," Eddie said "And I want the shield harmonics, and I want the prefix codes to the Independence. I'll know the difference between the real thing and a fake one. So don't play me, Your life depends on it. Oh and one final thing. I want Rayven over here. I'll trade her for you."

The continuous injections of the drug was starting to take it's toll on Jamie so he just nodded and went back to work hoping that Heather would free him from this nightmare before much longer.

Heather remained hidden behind the Console and heard every word of Brisco's demands.....exchanging Rayven for Jamie?.....that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

It was time for Heather to make her final moves. She peeked her head around the Console to get an idea of where the prisoners were standing. Luckily the one prisoner was fairly close by with his back to her. She grabbed a drugged dart....loaded it in her gun....then blew into the end of it and propelled the dart to it's intended target. The other prisoner grabbed his neck and looked at Brisco "I don't feel so go....." and down he went.

Eddie was so focused on Jamie and his own anger that he didn't notice what had just happened to his other man. Now was Heather's chance.

This guy required more of a.....personal touch. Heather stood, with a throwing star hidden in the palm of her hand, and stated in a loud voice "Hey scumbag....step away from the Commander" while getting the star ready for deployment.

Eddie did as expected....he pointed his phaser at Jamie....and started to make even more demands....Heather whipped the throwing star at his hand in an stuck into the phaser which rendered it useless and knocked it out of his hand at the same time.

Heather went running towards Brisco as he grabbed his knife out of his boot ready for a she got closer she dropped and swiped his feet with a rotating motion....her foot hit his knocking him off his feet.

She flipped her body up over her head and sprung to her feet in an instant ready for his next move. Looking at Heather Brisco yelled "Who the hell are just signed both of your death warrants" he exclaimed.

Heather had been waiting for this moment ever since she had seen the way Brisco had been treating Jamie without any regard for his life "I'm your worst nightmare bitch" she replied.

By this time Brisco was seething with anger as he rushed closer to Heather.....she took one step back....he was in range....she whipped around in the blink of an eye and planted a round house kick right against the side of his head....Brisco slammed up against the bulkhead then hit the deck...he was unconscious.

Heather walked up to the still body and grabbed two darts then proceeded to plant one in each side of Brisco's neck rather savagely "There.....that should keep you asleep for quite awhile" she said with much satisfaction. Looking at Brisco's limp body she whispered "You're lucky I didn't just kill you." Then she reached into his pocket and grabbed the hypo figuring that Doctor Relor may need to see what kind of drug Jamie was given.

Jamie had witnessed what had just happened.....he was totally exhausted "Heather" he said and started to collapse. She started walking towards Jamie then rushed over to catch him "I've got you sweetheart" she stated.

It was time for them to go.....Heather held onto Jamie with one arm and slapped the side of her body with her other hand to activate the tracking patch....momentarily the two were engulfed in a swirl of white light then disappeared off the drifting ship.


Ensign Heather Devroe
Science Officer
USS Independence

Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence

Captain Mystery Ellis
Commanding Officer
USS Independence


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