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Post # 15 Medical!

Posted on Mon Dec 20th, 2021 @ 11:58am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Ensign Heather Devroe & Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Crewman Natasha Grimm

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 3 Transporter Room Three}

Heather and Jamie materialized back on board the Independence and Heather was so glad to be back with Jamie still mostly in one piece.

Lieutenant Zebot walked over to the Pad with a big smile on her face "Heather you did rescued the Commander" she said in a joyful tone.

But before Heather could answer Kat, Jamie started twitching uncontrollably while being unconscious "Lieutenant beam us to Sickbay now" Heather shouted. By the time Heather got the words out her mouth Kat had already rushed to the Console and keyed in the coordinates for Sickbay "Energizing" and quickly Heather and Jamie were gone.

{Deck 4 Sickbay}

Heather and Jamie materialized on the floor of Sickbay and Nurse Grimm looked up at what was happening and rushed over to her to help lift Jamie onto the Bio-bed.

Heather reached into her pocket and handed Natasha the hypo that Brisco had used on Jamie "Here maybe this will help the Doctor figure out some sort of antidote to give the Commander"

Natasha took the hypo and grabbed her medical tricorder, slipping it into the side port. Within a few seconds, she handed the chemical analysis to Feyd.

While Medical was tending to Jamie, Heather stepped to one of the Terminals and hit the Comm "Captain Ellis this is Ensign Devroe. We're back on board and in Sickbay....the Commander's not doing so well" she said while holding back the tears.

"I'll be right there," Mystery said as she looked to Rayven "You have the bridge," with that she headed for sick bay at a run, entering she walked over to Heather and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder "He's going to be fine, Dr Feyd is the best. I'd say let's go somewhere but I know you too well. Hang in there Heather,"

Looking at Mystery "Thank you Captain.....I'm counting on Dr. Relor being the best.....I plan on marrying this man in the near future" Heather replied hoping she was right....although she knew what a fighter Jamie was and wouldn't let this defeat him.

Feyd scanned the results and grunted "Psychotropic compounds, respiratory paralysis agents, muscle relaxers, what kind of asshole made this?" He grabbed a hypo and loaded it with a few counteragents and slammed it home into Jaime's neck. "I'll need more time for an in depth analysis and the development of a cure, but this should keep him from going into cardiac arrest." As he spoke, the medical monitor on the wall went from red to yellow. "After a few tense seconds, Feyd said. "He's stable, now let me get to work."

Throughout the episode, he had basically ignored Heather, and Natasha walked over an put an arm around her. "Don't worry, he's in good hands. The Doctor will get him back on his feet in no time."

Mystery had been watching and listening to the conversation. "Brisco's not stupid, he'll have an antidote, we need to get him here and make him give up the antidote. Or have Lieutenant Mist work on it. She knows him. "

"That would be ideal." Feyd said, from the medical office where he was furiously trying to come up with an antidote on his own. "I can create one but it will take time."

Mystery gave Heather a reassuring smile "He'll be fine," tapping her com-badge "Transporter room lock onto all stasis pods and everyone else on that shuttle and beam them directly to the brig. I want Brisco brought to sick bay, keep him tightly secured."

Several minutes later "Captain Ellis this is Sergeant Hunt, I'm the acting Marine CO....that Brisco guy your looking for....well he's not here and that's everybody on that ship" Hunt informed the Captain.

Tapping her com-badge "How the hell did he get off? Check to make sure he's not hiding someplace, check the escape pods and see if any are missing," Mystery ordered.

"As you wish Captain....I'll send a squad in right away and will let you know shortly" Hunt replied. The Beta Squad were sent in armed with tranquilizer rifles to drop Brisco on sight. While the Squad was sweeping the Ship deck by deck, Hunt checked the escape his surprise one of the escape pods was missing. Tapping his Comm "Captain Ellis this is Hunt....I'm afraid I've got some bad of the escape pods is missing from the Ship and Brisco is nowhere's to be found."

"Damn! Return to the ship," Mystery ordered as she tapped her com-badge again "Bridge once the marines are back aboard lock phasers on that shuttle and fire. Brisco's escaped and I'm not going to let him have a ship at the ready."

Lieutenant Zebot was at the Tactical Station when the Captain's order came through. Once the Marines were back onboard Katlyn locked onto the drifting ship and when she received the order from Lieutenant Mist she opened fire with a full phaser spread. A few minutes later "Lieutenant Mist the Ship has been destroyed" she stated.

Meanwhile Jamie's body was trying to fight off the drugs which sent his mind elsewhere. The next thing he realized, Jamie was at the Wedding Reception in the Lounge. He was sitting next to his new Bride talking and was as happy as he had ever been "Heather you've made me the happiest man in the galaxy....I love you so very much" he stated. A big smile came across Heather's face "Not as happy as you've made me today and I love you more than words can express" she replied then she kissed Jamie. Suddenly Jamie found himself alone and in a very dark place as he called out "Heather where are you?"

Heather was sitting by Jamie's bed when she heard him call out to her "Jamie....I'm right here sweetheart" she whispered in his ear "Please come back to me....I couldn't bear it if something happens to you." Heather had to wipe the tears from her eyes and stay strong for Jamie's sake.

A few more hours rolled on by with Heather by his bedside when suddenly Jamie opened his eyes and looked around....then his eyes found Heather "Sweetheart....where am I" he asked being a little confused.

A huge smile came across Heather's face "'re're in Sickbay on the Indy" she stated and protocol be damned as she bent down and gave Jamie a kiss. She turned and said in a loud voice "Doctor Relor.....come here....Jamie's awake!"

Feyd bustled into the room at Heather's call. "Great timing," he said, brandishing a hypospray. "I think I've got the antidote." He pressed it to Jaime's neck and after a soft hiss, the vital screen gradually went from yellow to green.

Feyd breathed a sigh of relief. "You should be feeling better soon, but hey, take it easy all right?"

Before Jamie could answer Heather chimed in "Yes the Commander is going to take a couple of days off and rest and I'm going to make sure he does" then looking at Mystery "That's if it's ok with the Captain that I stay with him to make sure he behaves himself."

Jamie just smiled "What she said" he replied with a chuckle. Looking at Feyd "Thank you Doctor for your expertise and yes I will take it easy for a bit."

Mystery breathed a sigh of relief with the news from the doctor that her first officer was going to be okay. "Heather permission granted. Jamie I want you to take a couple days off, get some rest. Everything else can wait.That is if Doctor Relor has cleared you for duty."

"Understood Captain, I'll take life easy for a couple of days....and yes I'll have Doctor Relor clear me for duty before I return my regular duties" Jamie replied, realizing for the first time, just how badly those drugs that Brisco injected him with had reacted with his body.

After a couple more hours in Sickbay Jamie looked at Heather "I think I'm ready to go home....I'm feeling much better now" he stated with a grin.

Heather smiled back "If your sure you're feeling better" as Jamie nodded yes "Alright I guess it would be ok....but we're doing a sight to sight transport to save your strength" she replied.

After getting the ok from the Doctor Heather tapped the Sickbay Comm "Transporter Room this is Ensign Devroe....I need a two person sight to sight transport from Sickbay to the XO's Quarters" Heather said.

"Certainly Ensign....energizing now" and moments later the couple left Sickbay on their way to their home.



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