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Post # 16 Relaxing

Posted on Mon Dec 20th, 2021 @ 2:15pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather
Edited on on Mon Dec 20th, 2021 @ 2:27pm

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 2 - XO's Quarters}

The couple were back home now and Jamie was still a little wobbly after his ordeal so Heather suggested "Sweetheart maybe you should sit down on the couch for awhile....I need to get out of this suit."

Jamie nodded in agreement and sat on the couch to relax as he commented with a grin "By the way that suit looks quite nice on you....especially the way it hugs that lovely body of yours."

Heather stopped....turned and smiled "Commander I hope you don't talk to all your subordinates that way" she said with a grin "I'll model it for you when you get feeling better." Then she proceeded to go into the bedroom and change into to something much more comfortable.

When she returned into the living area she sat on the couch and snuggled up next to Jamie "I am so happy that your alright after what that monster did to you....we still have a wedding to plan you know" then Heather gave Jamie a very tender kiss and snuggled up even closer to him.

Jamie just smiled "Yes I know we do and I'm very much looking forward to our Big Day, when I can finally call you my wife" he said then kissed the top of Heather's head.

After a few moments of silence "That slippery son of a bitch escaped didn't he" Jamie asked being very serious.

Heather looked up at Jamie "Try not to think about that now....but yes he did manage to escape" she replied not wanting him to dwell on something that he had no control over.

Jamie let out a long sigh "Someday I want to be in a room with weapons or drugs....just our bare hands and I'll show him how a real man fights" he replied feeling the anger start to well up inside of him as he stared into space.

Heather sat up turning towards him "Jamie....Jamie look at me" as he turned towards her "As awful as that ordeal was for need to let it go before it starts to consume you." Now she was starting to get a little worried because Jamie had never been like this before.

Looking into Heather's gorgeous blue eyes he was reminded on just how lucky he was to have her in his life.....a smile came across his face "I'm sorry....your right of course....dwelling on it won't help things any."

"No it won't and I don't want to loose the man that I fell so deeply in love with because of this" she replied.

"You won't....I promise....I'll always be the guy you fell in love with....your the most important thing in my life and I would never do anything to screw that up" he reassured her.

Heather was feeling much better after hearing what he had just said knowing that Jamie would never break a promise to her....that's one of the reasons that she loved him so much.

The couple sat for a little while enjoying each other's company when something dawned on Jamie. Looking at Heather "You know I haven't thanked for rescuing me and for the training that you've given me since we've met....that training probably saved my life" he stated being very sincere.

"You're welcome sweetheart....and you would have done the same for me if the roles were reversed" she stated with a smile.

"And not think twice about it either" he replied "I'd move moons for you if I could" then he leaned in and gave Heather a very affectionate kiss.

"So does that mean your not going to reprimand me for going against orders" she said with a grin.

Jamie just looked at her "What are you talking about...what orders" a very puzzled Jamie asked. So she explained to him what had happened while aboard the other ship.

He just laughed "No!...of course do know that was the drugs talking and not really me don't you" he asked "Matter of fact I don't even remember saying that to you at all."

"Ya I figured the drugs were making you say that....anyway I didn't care at that point....I just wanted to get you out of that nightmare as soon as possible" Heather replied.

"And I'm so glad you followed your own instincts and not listen to my babbling" he responded with a smile. Then he began to explain the dream , or vision, that he had about their wedding and reception in detail.

"That was your training kicking in. When you body was severely stressed, then your mind went someplace else so it wouldn't be effected by your body....that helped you cope with the situation" Heather explained being grateful that Jamie was such a fast learner "But what was happening when you called out to me in Sickbay?"

"I actually called out to you?" he asked then thought for a moment before continuing "We were at our Reception together and then I was alone in a dark place looking for you" he said.

"Actually that was your body calling your mind back so you could wake up" she explained "I've seen that happen before to people."

Jamie thought for a moment "Well I'm sure glad the two got back lovely as the dreams were....reality is what I'm most looking forward to" he said with a smile.

"Yes so am I....on both counts" Heather replied as she snuggled closer to Jamie. The couple sat the rest of the evening both being very grateful for the way things had turned out.


Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence

Ensign Heather Devroe
Science Officer
USS Independence


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