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#21 End of Shift

Posted on Fri Jan 7th, 2022 @ 11:19pm by Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Time To Relax
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Current


Kasm stood at his station for the entire shift focused completely on his responsibilities. As there were no events that required attention he spent some of the time running simulations to become familiar with the ships specific controls and maneuverability.

Running simulations in a test facility at the academy is nothing like piloting an actual starship, and even the starship itself is a unique entity as every class of ship and, even, every ship within a class has its own idiosyncrasies that need to be accounted for. It wouldn't do for there to be an emergency and not be able to react appropriately.

The timer on his console announces that his shift is over, so he terminates his custom interface for his replacement as it was highly unlikely that anyone on the ship could read Pandoran. Turns and finds a Ltjg standing off to the side with a confused and shocked expression on his face looking at the piece of the chairs metal post sticking up out of the deck.

Kasm looks at the Lt and says, the conn is yours, not even looking down at the damage he had wrought to the deck earlier. Stepping past his fellow officer he moves to the turbo lift. Leaving the officer to star dumbfounded at the deck glancing back and forth between Kasm's retreating back and the deck.

Having only spent a third of his day so far performing tasks, he heads towards the gym to try and get some exercise. Stopping by his quarters first, he collects a special harness he had made shortly after arriving on Earth. The harness was designed to carry hundreds of pounds of weights evenly distributed around his torso to allow him to get a decent workout.

[ships gym]

Stepping into the gym, the crew members who were already in the room star curiously at him as he walks over to the free weights and hooks four hundred pound weights to the harness and then puts it on securing it tightly so that it wouldn't shift while he worked out.

He then spends the next eight hours exercising. Its so hard to stay in shape in such a low gravity environment...



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