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Post Number 22 Meeting The CO

Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 8:38pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Time To Relax
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current


Mystery had heard about the new helm officer and decided by now it was time to meet him and discuss the helm station and the lack of a chair. Tapping her com-badge Lieutenant Kasm this is the captain please come to my ready room it's time we met.

Kasm was well into his 4th hour of working out in the gym when he heard the call from his comm badge. Setting down the free weights he was working with he turns and walks out of the gym, completely forgetting that he was wearing a harness with four hundred pound weights attached to it.

After exiting the gym, there was a flurry of activity as the pool that had been started after he began his workout was being divvied up by the crewmen who had been standing around watching in amazement as he lifted weights that would have broken most of them.

Exiting the turbo lift on the bridge, he stepped out and moved towards the captains ready room. as he passed by the helm station he noticed an engineering crew repairing the chair and installing one that would adjust to his body and height so that he would have no need to rip out the newly installed chair for his next shift at the helm.

Walking up to the door, he was about to just walk in, but fortunately, he remembered that humans have an expectation of privacy and require you to 'announce' your presence before entering a room. Pinging the door he hears someone inside say "enter" so he activates the door and steps into the ready room.

Stepping up to the desk he waits to be recognized, Captain Ellis looks up and sees the Lieutenants head just barely clearing the desk and not sure how to read a Pandorans facial expressions is not sure if he is scowling at her or if that is just the natural state of his face.

Seeing her new officer, getting up she walked around her desk and took a seat on a chair where she could see him easier "Welcome lieutenant," Mystery said indicating the chair next to her "Please have a seat, that chair will adjust to your height. I wanted to touch base with you and see how your finding things aboard the ship and what if anything you need."

Kasm's estimation of this human shifted a bit to the positive as she? Yes, must be a she as he has found that most all humans with extended chests were of the female sex for their race. As she chose to step away from her desk to face him directly, in addition taking the effort to install a seat that would be comfortable for him. Over the past few years he has found that most humans prefer to lord their height over him and his fellow Pandorans, as if height alone is impressive. Also it seemed that they enjoyed making him feel foolish sitting in the over sized chairs made for human anatomies.

As such, he decided that being friendly with the human would not be considered pandering to gain favor. While at the academy Kasm had endeavored to be aware of human interactions and social norms, it was apparent that the males would, quite often, compliment the females on various aspects of their person. In fact he also found that females would do the same for other females and males would do the same. Clearly compliments and comments about a person were a way to help to bond with the other.

Turning to the offered chair, Kasm hopped into it and realized that he was still wearing the harness with the weights on it as they clanked as he hit the chair. Dropping off the chair he unsnaps the harness and drops it unceremoniously on the floor then returns to the chair. Finding it to be fairly comfortable as it groaned a bit under his weight adjusting to him. Looking at the female, Captain, yes Captain is the rank of commanders of ships, looking at the Captain he considers a number of comments he had heard in the past and decides to open with "Thank you, Captain, your fur is especially well groomed today" choosing not to smile as he is aware that exposing his teeth is off putting to humans.

"Thank you lieutenant," Mystery said "As I'm sure you noticed I'm having chairs installed throughout the ship that can raise and lower to better accommodate you as well as the replicators to have foods for you. Is there anything else I can do to make your assignment to the ship better for you? And if it's in my power I'll gladly do it."

"At this time, nothing comes to mind." Looking Mystery in the eyes. "Except for you, the ship and crew have met expectations."

"How have I not met expectations?" Mystery asked

"Unlike a majority of humans, especially those in position of authority, you did not attempt to make me feel inferior through demonstrating your superior height or by attempting to embarrassing me by forcing me to sit in an oversized chair." Throughout the entire conversation Kasm has kept eye contact with the Captain, and during that time has not blinked once. "Humans seem to derive pleasure from demonstrating their imagined superiority on others" as he says this he grimaces a bit displaying his chisel like incisors "but you have not done so, yet."

"And I won't make you feel inferior, Starfleet assigned you here and I like to make my officers feel needed, wanted and as equals. There is no reason for anyone to be picked on because of height, beliefs or anything else. If someone makes you feel unwelcome you tell me," Mystery said "I look forward to your piloting skills and working with you."

Knowing that feeling unwelcome was irrelevant as he was here to work, not make friends. And, as usual, he would deal with anyone who chose to disrespect him directly and immediately.

Considering her last statement to be a dismissal, Kasm stands up and retrieves his harness picking it up as if it weighs nothing and leaves the ready room to return to his workout.



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