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Post Number 1 Time To Get Underway

Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 8:56pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Dispute
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


This will begin our new mission. Please note the numbers return to one.


After speaking with Starfleet Command Mystery closed her lap top and stepped onto the bridge "Communications recall the crew. We have new orders and I want to be underway in an hour. Have the bridge officers report to the bridge. Inform the senior officers a briefing will commence in two hours."

"Understood captain," communications announced as she carried out Mystery's orders.

Taking her seat Mystery went over again the orders she'd been given and wondered how they were going to handle this. Jefferson has resigned, she'd gained a new helm officer who was a species no one had served with in the past. Mystery had sent out orders to treat him as an equal and not to lord their heights over him as all chairs now could be adjusted to accommodate the new officer where he could be on their level. Mystery also noticed there was a new chief counselor whom she'd not yet met. A counselor was highly needed and Mystery couldn't wait to meet her.


Sorry it's short but this will give everyone time to get back aboard.


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