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Post Number Three Briefing

Posted on Wed Jan 19th, 2022 @ 6:33pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Kasm & Lieutenant Brooks Balrog & Lieutenant Ken Kudo & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Lieutenant Gracelyn Walker & Lieutenant JG Billi & Lieutenant JG Kehlani

Mission: Dispute
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: Current


With the crew having reported aboard it was time to inform her crew on their new orders. Tapping her com-badge "Senior Staff this is the captain report to the Briefing Room we have new orders." Mystery had made sure to have a chair that her new helm officer would be comfortable sitting on where he would be equal with everyone else.

Rayven hearing the summons from the captain grabbed her PADD and headed for the briefing room curious as to what the new orders were. "Captain," Rayven greeted before taking her seat.

Kasm slaps his comm badge to respond to the Captains request, before he can say anything there is a bzzzz snap sound and the pieces of the comm badge fall to the deck. Thats the third one for the day and he was out of spares on his person. Turning from what he was doing at a library computer and heads to his quarters to retrieve a new badge, then to the Briefing Room.

Walking in, not pausing to announce himself as this was not a private office, he sees the two officers sitting at the table already. He pauses for a moment to stare at Rayven's chest, deciding that it was, in fact, extended he chose to identify the human as female. He takes a seat next to the Captain, choosing the seat as a place of political power within the ships Consortium, and to promote his dominance over any other males who may be arriving.

Looking between the two officers he says "you both are exceptionally we groomed today". Sitting back satisfied that he had done his due diligence on human greetings he set himself to wait for the meeting to start.

"Thank you lieutenant," Rayven responded, she'd seen him starring at her chest "is there a reason your were staring at my chest? I'm not offended I'm just curious. Oh and welcome aboard. I've not had the pleasure, I'm the science chief, Rayven Mist."

"I have found it is the easiest way to determine if humans are male or female, it is quite clear the more developed musculature on the chest the more likely a human, or humanoid, is female. There is a margin of error in this system of estimation, having erred a few times, though I firmly believe the odds are in my favor"

Rayven nodded "You're right, adult females do have an extended chest."

"Whoa," Balrog said after nearing falling out of his chair. He tried to sit as high as he could, but noticed that his eye level was still below everyone else's.

"Lieutenant, the chairs are now designed to raise because we have a new helm officer who is Pandoran and I want him to feel equal to the rest of us," Mystery said as she turned to Kasm "Thank you for the complement." she passed a com-badge to him "I had this one made stronger for you, it shouldn't break anymore.

"Thank you!" Balrog replied as he sat on air next to his new chair, falling straight to the ground. "Ouch! My tailbone! Someone call the doc!"


Feyd leaned back in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose, a million thoughts swirling in his head. He reread the communication. It was unmarked, but he new with dead certainty who it was from.

Lt Commander Feyd Relor

I have a mission on my desk that requires a certain set of skills I know you to posses, and given the circumstances of this mission, I believe you will have personal interest in serving as leader of my team. It involves the Murtaw, a species with which I know you to have familiarity. I expect this mission to endure several years, as it will involve deep cover and a protracted intelligence operation. If you accept these conditions report to Jupiter Station, where a transport will meet you and convey you to an undisclosed location. You have two weeks to make arrangements.


Feyd sighed heavily and looked around at Sickbay while he thought about the implications. His thoughts were interrupted from the Captain's hail. Sighing heavily, he headed for the Bridge.

{Briefing Room}

Feyd didn't need to say a word. He immediately saw Balrog on the floor writhing in pain.

"Doc, am I going live???" Balrog screamed.

Feyd grimaced as he tapped his comm badge. "Emergency transport to Sickbay." He said, rolling his eyes.

As soon as they materialized in Sickbay, Feyd pulled out the medical tricorder and scanned Balrog. He didn't do it to diagnose the man, for he knew he was just being a big baby, but so that Balrog thought he was actually providing some kind of medical opinion.

"Let's see, no bone breaks. Minor contusions to the" He loaded up a hypospray with a placebo. "That should help with the pain."

Balrog stopped moaning as the placebo took effect. "Ah, thanks Doc."

"Not a problem." Feyd said, patronizing him shamelessly. "And here," he said, handing him a pillow. "That's a good officer, let's get back to the briefing room" He said, directing him as he would a mental patient.

The Commander had been down in Tactical with Lieutenant Zebot going over weapons inventory when he received the Captain's page. He and Kat made their way to the Briefing Room. Jamie saw the new helm officer as he entered "Captain good morning" he said then turned to the helmsman "Lieutenant Kasm nice to see you again; hope you're finding your quarters to your liking" he said with a smile.

Katlyn followed suit "Captain good day" as she took her seat then looking to the helmsman "Lieutenant Kasm welcome. I'm Lieutenant Zebot Chief Tactical/Security Officer" she said with a smile being rather surprised by his physical appearance.

Glaring at the two officers as they greeted him, wondering if they, like other humans he has encountered, were using this as an opportunity to display superiority over him, he always hated being in close quarters with so many aliens at the same time. Squeezing the arm rest of his chair in frustration, everyone in the room hears the sound of tortured metal as it is reduced to a crumpled mess, he nods in their direction smiling himself though working to keep from displaying his incisors.

Jamie sat then grabbed his PADD to go over some reports while waiting for the rest of the Senior Staff to arrive. He couldn't help but wonder what the next mission would entail; he certainly hoped that neither the Captain or himself would be abducted this time.

"I'm going to begin and the rest will be filled in when they arrive," Mystery said calling up the holo emitter, it showed two planets. "Those two planets are called Mantra and Destin. There is an issue with one of the three moons." she switched the viewer to show the three moons, Mystery highlighted one of them "This moon orbits both planets, separately, one day it orbits Mantra and the other day it orbits Destin. Now I've been all over this universe and I've seen a lot of things but I have never seen or heard of one moon orbiting two separate planets. We're being sent there to settle the dispute as both planets claim the moon as theirs. Any questions or comments?"

The XO spoke up "The mission sounds pretty cut and dry.....although the negotiations between the two planets will be anything but I have a feeling; especially if we've been called in" Jamie reasoned.

"It does commander and I'm wondering what can cause one moon to orbit two different planets," Rayven commented.

"Lieutenant Kasm you'll be getting us there, do you think you'll have any problems in going into orbit around one of those planet because the moon orbits each planet at a different day," Mystery asked.

"Unless there are enough moons to fill a trillion cubic kilometers of space there should be no difficulty" says Kasm.

Balrog returned to the briefing room carrying a giant pillow embroidered with the word SICKBAY across the front. He dropped it on his chair, and then plopped on top of it. His head was now a good foot above everyone else's. "What did I miss?" he asked.

Mystery brought him up to speed on the briefing as to what he'd missed "And then to the topic of the chairs, lieutenant there is no need for that pillow. Our new helm officer Lieutenant Kasm is a Pandoran and is shorter than all of us. Therefore I'm had all the seats in the briefing room, conference room and in ten forward to be adjustable so no one will tower over him but rather be his equal. That being said you can lose the pillow and adjust your seat."

"But Captain, I'm injured!"

"I'm not without compassion lieutenant, in order to be on the same level you can lower your chair so you as high as everyone in the room," Mystery said "When this is over you can go to sick bay and be treated, sound fair?" Mystery asked.

Balrog lowered his chair as far as it would go, but still was about 6 inches above everyone else due to the extra thick sickbay pillow. He crossed his arms and frowned, not hearing much from the rest of the briefing.

Lieutenant Zebot had remained pretty quiet during the briefing taking in everything that had been said, as well as being amused by Lieutenant Balrog's antics. There was however something that she needed to say "Captain from a Tactical/Security perspective I don't for see any problems since we were called here by the respective Governments. However if things should get out of hand my Team will be ready along with Sergeant Hunt's Marines if they are needed" Kat reassured Mystery.

Grace had entered just as the briefing had started. She took a seat and didn’t look around but gave all her attention to listening to the captain. “Perhaps it is some kind of religious place for them and neither wants the other there.” Grace spoke up. “It would explain such a big dispute.”

"That's highly possible councilor," Mystery agreed "But that doesn't explain the fact it orbits both planets separately." Mystery turned to Lieutenant Zebot and to Rayven "Have the marines and security on standby. Mist see if you can uncover why that moon orbits both planets. Councillor I'm going to want you along when we arrive to see if you can pick up on something. Sick bay be ready for what ever I get us into. Lieutenant Kasm since we're called to both planets I prefer not to assume orbit around either of them, upon arrival hold us at station keeping between the two planets. Anyone have any questions before I dismiss you?"

"I'll be ready, Captain." Grace replied. She couldn't really explain why the moon was orbiting two planets but she had heard of an instance and had always thought it was a fairy tale. "I did hear back in my academy days of two binary planets that shared a moon. That is quite possible."

Rayven nodded as she looked to Grace "I'd forgotten that, it's not something we encounter everyday. Your absolutely right."

"As you wish Captain, both Teams will be ready" Katlyn stated being quite pleased that there was an opportunity for Tactical and the Marines to finally work together.

Grace was glad to see the crew seemed well adjusted and not only ready but willing and pleased to do their jobs. She had not observed any crew that was stressed or troubled but then Grace admitted it had been only a few she had conversed with.

"Before I forget as I seem to already have my bad, I'd like to formally introduce everyone to our new Chief Councillor Lieutenant Gracelynn Walker," Mystery said

The XO looked over at the Lieutenant "Counselor, welcome to the Independence. We'll have to chat when you get a chance" Jamie said with a smile.

Billi came in, followed closely by Kudo and Kehlani, the duo discussing something about engineering. All three apologized for their tardiness and were brought up to speed.

Kehlani gave a few nods, her expression positive. "Diplomatic missions can be the most gratifying. If they aren't members, perhaps this could open talks."

"I don't know if either world is a member of the Federation," Mystery replied "I'm going to want to hold the talks aboard the ship where I can keep an eye on things."

Grace returned the executive officers smile with one of her own. “I would like that, Commander. Let me know when and I will be there.”

"We can set something up in a day or two when it's convenient for you Lieutenant" Jamie replied.

"Anyone have more to add before we get underway?" Mystery asked "Not getting a response, okay your dismissed. Lieutenant Kasm set course for Mantra and Destin, best speed. Mist check what Lieutenant Walker mentioned about that moon. I want answers before we get there."



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