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#5 A Day in the Life

Posted on Thu Jan 20th, 2022 @ 4:03pm by Lieutenant Kasm
Edited on on Thu Jan 20th, 2022 @ 5:02pm

Mission: Dispute
Location: ship
Timeline: Current


After the briefing, Kasm returned to his duty station on the bridge, played with the new chair a bit, decided he didn't like it and just stood at the helm station as sitting was really for lazy people anyways.

As the ship was still in orbit around Risa, he had not much to do, so aside from making sure the ship did not slam into Risa's moon (moons being the pesky things that they are and always jumping in front of starships that are just minding their own business while floating around in trillions of cubic kilometers of empty space). So he spent part of his time becoming familiar with the ships destination to familiarize himself with the planetary system, and their pesky moons...

Completing his shift, he returned to his quarters to find incoming messages from home and Bark, one of the other Pandorans chosen to go to the academy.

Opening the message from Bark he found an attached file to the message. 'Kasm, I don't know if you have found humans as lazy as I have or not, but they seem to spend a majority of their time relaxing. I have found this to be very disappointing. I include a file for you for a program that I created to simulate Pandoran environments in a room they call holodecks, I presume that you have one on the ship that you have been assigned as we have one here on the research station. It should allow you to be more comfortable during your 'relaxing' time when not working.'

Kasm loaded the file, not being a member of the consortium that dealt with computers as Bark was on Pandora, the code meant nothing to him. Accessing the ships internal deck configuration he quickly found the holodeck and saw that it was currently unoccupied. Stepping out of his quarters he quickly headed for the holodeck to see what Bark had created for him.

Walking up to the door and looking at the panel, he started poking at buttons, gently, till panel lit up and he says to the wall "ummm I have a program in my file, created by the Pandoran Bark, make it work."

The computer pauses for a moment and they responds "Program Pandoran Bark loaded." As he stepped to the door a red light started blinking across the door panels and he heard the computer say "WARNING Safety controls have been disabled, holodeck environment unsafe due to high gravity effects, enter with caution."

Smiling Kasm stepped forward again, this time to the wooshing of the doors opening, as he stepped across the threshold he was immediately greeted with the crushing 3.6g gravity, and increased atmospheric PSI, of his homeworld Pandora. Taking a moment to savor the feeling of being in a proper environment again, he stepped in to explore his little bit of home away from home...



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