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Post Number 12 Getting Underway

Posted on Mon Jan 31st, 2022 @ 9:34am by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Dispute
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


After meeting with Commander O’Connell and Lieutenant Zebot and filling them in on the orders from Admiral Haines it was time to get underway and head out to settle the dispute about the moon that both planets claimed. Walking onto the bridge Mystery took her seat at command “Lieutenant Kasm, break orbit and set course for the Planets Mantra and Destin, once clear of Risa engage warp engines warp three. Since both planets are claiming that moon once we get there assume orbit around one of the planets. Mantra or Destin, the choice is up to you. Keep an eye on that moon, we don’t need or want it to hit us. ETA on arrival?” Mystery asked


I know it’s short I’ll post more later today. If anyone is confused please read post Number 10.

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