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Post Number 16

Posted on Thu Feb 10th, 2022 @ 4:16pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Dispute
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


Sorry for being silent, I’ve been dealing with cellulites in my left foot and ankle for the past week. It’s starting to feel better. Time to get this mission going.


“Incoming message from Destin, captain,” communications said
“On screen,” Mystery ordered

“Captain, welcome to Destin, I’m Grada the Prime Minster of this world.”

“Minister,” Mystery greeted “Preparations are being readied to hold the talks aboard my ship in regards to this moon. We have several theories about it and my science department are running scans on it as we speak.”

“We claim the moon captain,” Grada said “Mantra has no claim to it.”

“This will be sorted out,” Mystery said “In the meantime we’ll monitor the moon.”

“Anyone sets foot on that moon will be dealt with,” Grada said as the screen went blank.

Mystery looked to Jamie “Well this went well.”



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