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#17 Kings Solution

Posted on Thu Feb 10th, 2022 @ 7:32pm by Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Dispute
Location: ship
Timeline: current

A sword was brought, and Solomon ordered, 25 “Cut the baby in half! That way each of you can have part of him.”


Kasm stood at his station watching the planet revolve below him. Still amazed at the fact that he was looking down at a planet hundreds of parsecs from his homeworld.

Fortunately this solar system is not full of moons as the captain feared and he had had no issue getting to the planet and establishing the ship in orbit.

Thinking about the issue they were here to solve it still seemed that the best solution was just to simply destroy the moon and move on to something more interesting.

The navigator sitting next to him glanced over at Kasm's terminal and again shook his head thinking that the customized terminal displaying the Pandoran language was incredibly inefficient, and as usual kept his mouth shut.

Kasm ran a scan on the moon in question, he started looking into the deep sections of the moon. Coming from a mining Consortium he has knowledge of geology and planetary sciences.

The initial scans did not show anything. A little frustrated at that, he decided to tell the computer to run every scan possible, not being a scientist and therefore not familiar with all options, he figured the computer could do a better job for him.

What he really wanted to do was run a true ground penetrating scan by setting off explosives on the moon and tracking the sonic vibrations through the ground (which is the standard process used by the Pandoran's)

One of the subspace scans the computer ran for him revealed an anomaly. Kasm found a series of, what looked like, webs deep underground which the scanners could not penetrate. He determined that these were warrens that were being shielded from any sorts of scans. Whoever dug them probably thought they were being smart by preventing scanners from looking inside when all they really did was reveal the caves and tunnels existence by creating "dark" areas on the scans.

Kasm disregarded the existence of the 'hidden' tunnel complex and focused on the various geologic features he was looking for and eventually found what he wanted.

The stresses placed on the moon by orbiting two separate planets has created a tectonic fissure running through the polar plate which runs nearly to the core of the moon. Running an analysis of the structure of the moon especially around the fissure, he is able to determine the force necessary to reduce the moon to dust. And begins programming a fire sequence of photon torpedoes to do so.



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