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Post # 19 - Making Adjustments

Posted on Fri Feb 18th, 2022 @ 11:05am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Dispute
Location: Independence
Timeline: Concurrent



Commander O'Connell looked towards the Lieutenant "Permission some of that Computer magic of yours" he ordered. Katlyn nodded, turned and left the Bridge.

[End Snip]

{Deck 9 - Computer Systems}

Lieutenant Zebot walked up to the door of the Computer Room and keyed in her security code; moments later the door slid open and Kat entered the room.

She made her way over to the Computer....keyed in her security code and then a special code to enter into Admin Mode then brought up the Helm's subroutine to check the existing code before making any changes just to be on the safe side. Everything looked normal as far as the code went, but calling up "all possible forms of scanning" did invoke the targeting scanners as well; this seemed to a logical Computer response. Apparently no one had asked the Computer in that fashion before....maybe it was a translation problem...but not knowing Pandorian that was merely speculation on her part.

After spending quite some time going over all the code associated with the scanners at Helm Kat found where she could insert a line or two of code to make the Computer ask before invoking the Targeting Scanners in the future if the person asked for scanning in that fashion. Although it would be just as easy to eliminate the scanning functions from Helm all together; but that would be too obvious and may upset Kasm....something that she wanted to avoid at all costs.

The Lieutenant found the proper spot and started typing in the code to make the needed changes. After several more minutes Kat had the problem solved. She ran all the appropriate simulations just to make sure there would be no future problems with the scanners at Helm.

Satisfied with the results Kat backed out of the Computer internals and logged off her Terminal and retuned to the Bridge to inform the Captain and XO of the results.


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Computer Systems Specialist
USS Independence


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