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Post # 20 - Explanations

Posted on Sun Feb 20th, 2022 @ 12:50pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Dispute
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 2 -XO's Office}

Now that things had settled down a little on the Bridge, the Commander needed to speak to Lieutenant Kasm concerning his abrupt relief of duty. Tapping his Comm "Lieutenant Kasm please report to the XO's Office" Jamie ordered; so he sat back in his chair to wait for the Lieutenant.

{Deck 3}

After having been dismissed from the bridge, Kasm went straight to the holodeck. Asking the computer to start up a simulation of the bridge, he went back to what he was doing in putting together a solid plan to destroy the moon. After running his simulations dozens of times he settles on a 10 photon torpedo spread on a series of delayed launches to allow each wave to burn deeper into moon to implode the core. Frustrated with the amount of effort that it will take to destroy the moon using Federation Technology, he loads the specifications for a Pandoran Mk I dcrystalfusion device, reduce its effective output to 35% and use that in the simulation. The result of that run showed the energy pulse punch completely through the core of the moon reducing it to dust with a single device.

After hours running the simulations he finally hears the ping from the XO and pauses what he was working on. Saving and shutting down his simulations he responds to the XO's request "Yes Sir" and heads to his office.

{Deck 2 - XO's Office}

The Commander looked up and saw the Lieutenant near his door which had been left open "Lieutenant Kasm, please come in and have a seat....there is something that we need to discuss" Jamie said while remaining seated so as not to tower over Kasm and put him on the defensive.

Kasm steps into the XO's office, glares at the chair and decides that standing is easier than messing with the modified seats, stops in front of the desk and waits.

Jamie noticed Kasm standing instead of taking a seat which was fine; whatever he's comfortable with. The Commander took a breath than began "Lieutenant the incident on the Bridge required me , by Star Fleet Regulation 29.76, to relieve you of duty until the incident could be investigated" he explained looking Kasm in the eyes "That being said, Lieutenant Zebot reviewed the Computer information which showed a glitch in the System. The problem has been resolved and you have been cleared of any wrong you are reinstated to active duty effective now and there will be no record of the incident in your file. Is there anything that you would like to say?"

After hearing the explanation from the XO, Kasm was just as unconcerned about why he was sent away now as he was when it happened. Since he had nothing to say he decided that his presence was no longer required in the XO's office and started to turn away to leave, but stopped himself remembering that Starfleet superiors have a tendency to want to 'dismiss' people rather than just have them leave. So instead of leaving he just continues to look back into Jamie's eyes with a dead flat expression on his face and says "no". Then continues to stand and wait for his dismissal...

The Commander was a little taken back by the simple answer from the Lieutenant, given the nature of meeting, but accepted it as that Kasm wasn't upset or held any contempt for the action taken against him. So the Commander merely said "Then in that case your dismissed."

Lieutenant Kasm does an about face and leaves the Office in his usual gate wanting to head back to the Holodeck to resume his simulations which he was so abruptly taken away from.


Lieutenant Kasm
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Independence

Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence



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