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Post # 21 - Rescue

Posted on Tue Mar 1st, 2022 @ 2:56pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Dispute
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



Mystery couldn't get Sho'wan's request for help to rescue the trapped minors on the moon. Turning to Jamie, "Take Mist along with Relor and beam down to that moon. Assist in getting to those miners. Phasers on stun. Communications alert Sho'wan that I'm sending a rescue party"

"As you wish Captain.....but I would like to add one other person to the Team....Lieutenant Zebot....given her strength and fighting ability I think she would be an asset....besides being head of Tactical" Jamie explained.

Mystery nodded "Have her join the party, I don't need to tell you to check in with me at regular intervals."

Jamie looked at Mystery and smiled "Thank you....yes as per usual I'll check in regularly....but thanks for the reminder. Tapping his Comm "This is the XO....the following Officers please report to the Tactical Center on Deck 12; Lieutenant Commander Relor, and Lieutenants Zebot and Mist." Jamie turned and entered the Lift.

On his way Jamie contacted Heather just to let her know he was leading an away mission and was given the usual "Be careful and come back safe" admonishment which always put a smile on his face.

{Deck 12 - Tactical Center}

A few minutes later Jamie entered the Tactical Center only to see Katlyn already there with the Armory already opened "That was quick Lieutenant" he commented with a smile.

Katlyn smiled back "I was in my Office going over some reports when you what's going on" she asked.

"We're going down to the Moon and assess the situation and see if we can't help rescue some trapped phasers for everyone and anything extras you think we might need bring with you" the XO explained.

"Ok Commander" then Kat reached into the Armory "And I'm bringing this as well" she stated as she grabbed her Regalian short sword besides some extra equipment just in case.

Jamie looked at Katlyn "You think the sword is really necessary" he inquired wondering what the answer you be.

"With respect Commander, after what happened on the Star Base....I don't take any chances going to a strange place" she replied.

Jamie smiled "Point taken...whatever your comfortable with Lieutenant is fine with me" he answered. Now they would wait for the rest of the Team to arrive before giving a quick briefing and handing out phasers to everyone.

Rayven walked into the armory, took the offered phaser and picked up an extra power pack. "Just in case we need it."

Lieutenant Mist that's probably a good idea" then turning to Katlyn "Give everyone an extra power pack just to be on the safe side" Jamie stated as her grabbed an extra one for himself and Katlyn nodded in agreement.

"I hope we don't get into a fire fight down there," Rayven said "I'm ready whenever you are commander."

Feyd walked into Tac Center a heavy duffle over his shoulder. While the others readied themselves, he just stood, waiting.

"Aren't going to grab and extra power cell Doctor? We're not sure what to expect down there." Jaime said, checking in on Relor.

"Not worried about it." Feyd said, matter of factly.

"You sure?" he pressed.

Feyd shrugged, figuring he owed the Commander an explanation, if nothing else, to put him at ease. "I grew up in war zone." He said, opening his duffle. "My go bag reflects that." Jaime whistled as he scanned the contents. Stun grenades, pattern enhancers, and a variety of other knickknacks the Doctor had felt were relevant over the years, including several spare power cells. "I'll be fine," he said, and grinned.

Jamie had to chuckle "I guess you are and then some.....better to be safe than sorry" he commented. Then the Commander turned to the entire Away Team "Ok.....we don't know what we're going to run into down there so stay sharp and watch each other's backs. Hopefully we'll find some miners to rescue. Stay in constant contact with each other....any trouble then we'll deal with it as a Team. Any questions?"

"That's a negative, Commander." He checked his phaser making sure it was set to heavy stun. "Let's do this."

{Deck 3}

The Commander looked around at the Away Team and there didn't seem to be any more questions so they made their way to the Transporter Room. Jamie walked in and gave the Operator the coordinates to the beam in point "Keep a lock on all of us in case we need to make a quick exit" he instructed the Lieutenant.

"No problem Commander" came the reply. The Team stepped onto the Pads and moments later they were gone.


The Team materialized inside the mine and began looking around to see if they could get any life sign readings.....then Jamie saw something that he wished he hadn't seen.....blood splattered everywhere on the walls of the mine.

"I wish we'd have been warned about this," Rayven commented as she ran scans "I'm picking up life signs, they appear to be below us, like another cavern."

Meanwhile Lieutenant Zebot was taking a closer look at the blood sprays trying to determine what may have caused this. After a few minutes she turned to the Commander "Whatever caused these blood sprays....has to be something or someone of good size...the sprays are too long to be have been caused a normal being" she explained "I don't like the looks of this."

Jamie thought for a moment "Alright....let's see if we can find a way to this lower Cavern....Lieutenant Zebot you take point and the rest of us will follow....Lieutenant Commander watch the rear....ok let's have at it" he ordered being very aware of their current situation.

Rayven walked over to the blood splattered wall and scanned it and took a sample of the blood. "Commander this blood is something I've never seen, most of the blood I've encountered has been red, pink or green. This blood is purple and there appears to be a secondary blood trail that is orange. There's more than one blood sample here. What ever did this is hurt and we need to be very careful."

The Commander listen very carefully to what Lieutenant Mist had shared with him which added more uncertainty to their mission "Noted Lieutenant" Jamie replied "Lieutenant Zebot any luck on finding us a route to a lower level?"

Katlyn was busy at work with her Tricorder scanning the mine "Yes Commander, if we take that path over there we should start to descend to a lower level in just a few meters" she replied.

That was welcome news as far as Jamie was concerned "Good...lead the way Lieutenant" he ordered "Stay sharp....we don't know what we'll find." The Away team started down the path carefully and slowly keeping a sharp eye out.

Rayven kept scanning the area ahead of them as they descended to the lower level of the cave "Commander I'm picking up life signs and there appears to be a blockage ahead of us. How bad the blockage is or if it's on purpose I can't tell yet."

"That's good news Lieutenant concerning the life signs....we'll deal with the blockage when we get to it" the Commander replied. The Team moved forward until they arrived at the blocked pathway. "Set your phasers to maximum....let's see if we can get rid of this obstruction. Everyone aimed at the blockage and fired until the blockage was dispersed.

As soon as the Team entered the cleared area they heard a sound that would make your blood run cold.....they stopped dead in their tracks....they heard it eerie roar-like sound that would shatter your ear drums.

Suddenly an eight foot creature with a head like a lion, claws with huge talons, and a short stubby tail walked on it's hind legs towards the Away Team. "Phasers on at will" Jamie ordered. Everyone opened fire towards the creature with little effect "Phasers on kill" Jamie shouted as everyone made the adjustment and opened fire once the creature was more annoyed than anything else.

The creature moved towards Lieutenant Zebot as she holstered her phaser and grabbed her sword holding the handle with both hands ready to use her entire Regalion strength....she wheeled her sword with all her might.....there was one thing that surprised her....the beast was quick as lightening and easily dodged her every slash. After several minutes, without any success, Katlyn was becoming quite annoyed as she exclaimed "Stand still you son of a bitch so I can cut you."

Without warning the Creature grabbed Zebot.....she dropped her sword....with it's huge claw, roared, and run off with Katlyn in hand "Zebot" Jamie shouted being shocked at what just happened and very concerned for her life. He knew she was strong but he also knew she wasn't indestructible.

"What the Hell!" Rayven shouted "That thing wasn't phased at all by our weapons on stun or kill! Commander could it be we should try a lower setting!"

"Possibly" the Commander replied; then after a moment "Not to sound cold....but we need to finish the Mission....let's get to the miners and get them out of here....then we can worry about the Lieutenant and how to free her." Jamie struggled with what he had just said but knew he was duty bound....the Mission had to come first.

Rayven knew the commander was right but it didn't stop her from worrying over Katlyn "Why don't we split in teams, one go for the miners and the other after Katlyn?"

"Ordinarily I'd say that was a good idea; but given the size of that thing and the fact our weapons fire had very little effect....we need to have everyone involved in getting the Lieutenant back. I don't like this any more than you do....but at this point I don't think we have a choice" Jamie explained loud enough for all to hear.

{Another part of the Cave}

Katlyn was struggling trying to get to her knife when she heard something in her mind "Stop struggling....I don't want to hurt still." She stopped and looked the beast in the eye as he blinked at her, so she settled down trying to wrap her head around at what she had just heard.

After a few minutes they came to a large room in the cave....the beast stopped and put Katlyn down....then sat on his haunches "Don't try to escape until I explain to you what's going on in theses look like a noble warrior so I know I can trust you" as his voice said in Kat's mind. There was a large rock so Kat had a seat "I don't know how your communicating with me but I'll listen to what you have to say" she replied out loud.

The Creature let out a snort as he began to explain "We are the Benzee....we live in these caves...theses things that are mining; their stealing our food supply....that is what we live on. If they continue we may run out of food and starve to death."

Katlyn listened to the voice in her mind "So did you kill those miners....we saw the blood on the walls when we came down here" she inquired.

"Yes...but we were protecting our food source....they killed one of our young as they don't have the protective coating that full grown Benzee have." then he continued "We need your help to get these beings to stop stealing our food before it's too late."

After a few moments of thought "The Ship I'm on are having talks with the two Planets who are trying to lay claim to this moon....I'll talk to my superiors about one noble warrior to another....I will do everything in my power to help out your species" she replied being quite sincere "So there are more of you in these mines?"

The Creature let out another snort "Thank you for your help....the moon is not their's to lay claim belongs to the it has for countless generations and yes in the lowest of rooms about fifty of my people live....we only come this far up to get food....but now we have to fight to protect what's rightfully ours."

Katlyn stood and walked up to the Creature and looked him in the eyes "I will do whatever I can for your people....but first I need to get back to mine so they know I'm alright and they don't come looking for me" she explained.

The Creature stood as well and nodded as her pointed to the pathway "Take this route and it will lead you back to your people after several minutes.....I'm counting on you noble warrior." Kat smiled and left to get back to the Away Team.

{Away Team}

After several minutes Katlyn could hear familiar voices. She walked into a room noticing the Doc checking people out along with Rayven scanning the area while Jamie was helping some others "Hello everyone" she said with a smile.

The Commander looked up and couldn't believe his eyes as a smile came across his face "Lieutenant Zebot did you get free of that beast" he asked while not being able to get the words out fast enough.

"The Creature let me go....and boy do I have a lot to fill you and the Captain in on....this will change to whole scope of the talks between the two planets" she replied with a smile being grateful to still be alive "Commander we need to get these miners out of here as soon as we can."

Jamie agreed...he bent down and grabbed Kat's sword and handed it to her "I think you dropped this during your quick exit." Kat smiled as she grabbed the sword and put it back in it's sheath on her hip.

"What was that creature that captured you?" Rayven asked.

"They are a race of sentient beings called the Benzee....they communicate through telepathy and these caves are their home" Kat explained.

"I've heard of them, but I thought they were a myth," Rayven commented.

The Commander checked with the miners and Feyd to make sure they would be able to proceed to the beam in point while overhearing what the Lieutenants were discussing. Being satisfied with everyone's physical condition Jamie gave the order "Let's proceed up to our beam in point....we'll get everyone back aboard the Ship and you Miners can go to Sickbay so Doctor Relor can check you over completely....then we will get you back home" he explained.

Rayven scanned the walls and the ground and picked up several samples of the rocks that were laying on the floor of the cave. "I'm ready when you are."

The Commander smiled "Let's head out....single file....Lieutenant Zebot you take point please and Dr. Relor and I will head up the rear" Jamie ordered. The group moved out and shortly arrived at their beam out point....tapping his Comm "Transporter Room....ten be beam back to the Ship" came the request and moments later the caves were left to the Creatures once again.




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