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Post Number 22 Findings

Posted on Wed Mar 16th, 2022 @ 2:29pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Kasm & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot
Edited on on Wed Mar 16th, 2022 @ 2:30pm

Mission: Dispute
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current


Mystery having received word that the away team was back aboard along with the miners wanted to know what had been found. Tapping her com-badge "Commander O'Connell, Doctor Relor, Lieutenants Mist and Zebot report to my ready room. I need to know what you found on that moon."

The Commander had just finished a quick lunch when he heard the Captain's call. Tapping his Comm "On my way Captain" as he made his way to her ready room.

Lieutenant Zebot had just finished stowing all the weapons and gear away from the Away Mission when she heard the Captain's page "Be there in five Captain" Katlyn replied, then was on her way.

Mystery had locked her office door open as she waited for her officers to arrive.

The Commander seeing that the door was open knocked then walked in "Captain the mission went well all things considered" Jamie stated as he took a seat waiting for the others to arrive.

Shortly after Lieutenant Zebot arrived and walked in since the door was already open "Captain you wanted to see us" then tuning to Jamie "Commander...long time no see" Kat said with a chuckle then grabbed a seat across the table.

Rayven walked in just behind Zebot and took a seat as well.

"While we wait for the doctor to arrive, I'd like a run down on what you found on that moon? You beamed back quickly," Mystery commented.

The Commander spoke up "Captain I'll let Lieutenant Zebot fill you in on an extraordinary discovery.....Lieutenant" he said as looked in Katlyn's direction.

The Lieutenant took a deep breathe before proceeding "Captain I was taken by an eight foot creature with a lion's head and sharp claws which wasn't effected by our weapons in the least. He communicated with me by the way, what I believe, to be telepathy. He shared with me that his species have been on the Moon living in the caves for generations. He also shared with me that the Miners were mining what amounted to their be their food source; they are only protecting their food supply" Katlyn explained hoping her explanation would be of benefit to the creatures.

"What is the food source?" Mystery asked

"These," Rayven said as she laid several stones and rocks on the captain's desk "I'm not sure what they are yet but if this is what those beings need to survive no one has a right to be mining there."

Jamie was listening very closely to the conversation "Captain if these Benzee are living in those caves" then he paused "Not only should the mining operations stop immediately.....but I don't think either of the Planets can lay claim to the Moon. Sounds to me like the Moon belongs to the Creatures which is going to put a whole new spin on the negotiations" he reasoned.

"Benzee? I thought they were only a myth. Their moon needs to be marked off limits. They live on that moon then yes this will alter the negotiations considerably," Mystery said "I don't want anyone on that moon until this is sorted out."

Jamie looked at Katlyn "As soon as we're done here send out an off limits marker for that Moon, please" he ordered.

"As you wish Commander" Kat replied.

"We'll notify both Planets as well" then turning to Mystery "This will certainly make the negotiations quite interesting.....I think we need to speak up for the Benzee since they don't have anyone to speak for them" Jamie commented knowing that this was not going to be an easy task.

"I...beg to differ." Feyd said, shocking everyone. Evidently he had snuck into the room without anyone noticing. "I hate to be the only dissenting voice, but the Benzee don't necessarily get a say in the matter. They aren't on any known list of sentient species and as far as I know, have no status. As such, legally, would they have any rights? Is their evidence that they have inhabited the moon for as long as they say they have? How do we know they didn't just show up and lay claim to what belongs to one of the two planets."

He could see the faces of the others, sense that they were growing agitated, so he held up his hands. "I'm not saying you're wrong, but I expect the ambassadors of Mantra and Destin will tear this argument to pieces. I fear it won't be a cut and dry as you're expecting."

Hearing this Katlyn shot the Doctor a look of seething disapproval "Just because they aren't on some list doesn't mean they have no rights as a species....someone needs to speak up for them especially considering their food source is in question" she stated somewhat loudly.

Seeing the Lieutenant's demeanor Jamie jumped into the conversation "Lieutenant I'm sure the Doctor meant no disrespect....he's only pointing out a legality that the two Planets may use during the talks....I think we need to be prepared for any scenarios...don't you" he commented.

Katlyn nodded in agreement before stating "My apologies Doctor if I seemed agitated at your statements; I too meant no disrespect."

He thought for a moment. "Now that I think about it, we have someone on board that comes from a species of miners. I wonder if Lieutenant Kasam will have a perspective on this."

"Your right doctor, I think before we do jump to anymore conclusions that we do our best to get all three parties involved and talk to the, see if the Benzee's have been here or if they've recently just arrived," Mystery said

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Jaime nodded. "Not a bad idea, Doctor." He tapped his comm badge. "Commander O'Connell to Lt Kasam." When no answer came, he tapped his comm badge again. "Computer, locate Lt Kasam."

"Lieutenant Kasam is on Holodeck four." Came the reply.

Feyd nodded. "I'll go get him."

[Holodeck 4]
As Kasm was not needed for a shift on the bridge for a number of hours yet, he decided to get some exercise in, doing, what he considered, good work (though in this case it really wasn't producing anything), so he activated the Pandoran world sim that one of his brethren sent him and stepped into the refreshingly (and crushingly to non Pandoran's) high gravity of his world. Ignoring the computers warning that safety protocols have been disengaged and that the holodeck was now considered a hazardous environment.

Having set the sim for his Consortiums lands he walked into the Dilithium mines and seeing dozens of other Pandoran's hard at work digging out the precious commodity, Kasm took up a mining pick and stepped into a side cavern and set to work on the wall to reduce the granite like rock to rubble looking for the treasures hidden within.

Feyd approached the Holodeck and pressed the button on the panel.

"Warning, safety protocols have been disengaged."

Feyd shrugged and walked into the holodeck. He got about ten strides in when his knees suddenly buckled and he slammed to the ground in what appeared to be a mine of some kind.

"Ungh." He said, trying to get to his feet, to no avail.

Kasm thought he heard something that didn't fit in with mining operations, he was about to ignore it but thought better as it sounded like the holodeck door opening. Setting down the pick he moved to the main chamber where a commotion was occurring. A number of 'holo' Pandorians where standing around a prone figure in the mine poking him with their tools and talking amongst themselves in Pandoran trying to figure out What the unknown creature was.

Pushing some of his 'holo' brethren out of the way he saw a Starfleet officer on the ground moaning under as he lay there struggling to breath in the extreme gravity environment. Every time he was poked with a mining pick he would mumble something incoherent in response.

Kasm couldn't remember there being any humans programmed into the sim, and assumed that none of the crew of the ship would be stupid enough to enter the holodeck while it was running. So he turned away from the prone figure and says "Computer, delete the human".

"Unable to comply" responds the computer.

Pausing he turns back and looks again at the prone figure, walking up to him he squats down and looks at the face in surprise "you are Doctor Relor, you should not be in here"

Feyd looks up towards Kasm and mumbles something and then groans as his face is pressed into the ground.

Kasm says "What? You will have to speak up"

Feyd does his best to glare at Kasm from his prone position and struggles to get his left hand up and display his middle finger to the Pandoran.

Kasm accepts the fact he is number one in the Doctors esteme, and then realizes that the Doctor is probably not functioning well in the extreme gravity. Standing up and walking over the entrance he says "computer, show me the console" and the exit arch appears. The 'holo' Pandorans jump in shock at the appearance of the arch and Kasm ignors them. Poking at the controls he continues "computer, discontinue the simulation and maintain current gravity effects." As the holodeck clears Kasm says "computer, reduce gravitational effects by .25 gravities every 10 seconds" not wanting the human to suffer any deleterious effects from the sudden reduction in gravity.

After spending a few more minutes gasping for breath and gathering his strength, Feyd managed to struggle to his feet. "Well, remind me to never ever enter one of your programs uninvited. You're needed in the Captain's Ready Room."

Upon hearing of the summons to the Captain's Ready Room, Kasm turns and leaves the Holodeck without saying a word to Relor. It takes a second for Feyd to realize that Kasm had just walked away from him without saying anything. Still reeling from the high gravity exercise, he was seconds too late to catch the same turbolift as Kasm and had to wait for the next available lift to arrive.

After a quick ride on the turbolift he finds himself at the appropriate door and just walks in and stops abruptly not realizing that Dr Relor had been right behind him after catching up from using another turbolift and Relor comes up short almost bumping into the sudden wall of Pandorian in front of him.

"Lieutenant thank you for coming," Mystery said seeing Kasm who had just entered her ready room, please have a seat and we'll tell you why you've been asked here. Doctor are you alright?"

Feyd shot a glance at Kasm, but just nodded and sat down.

Kasm walks up to the table and takes a seat.

"We hit a bit of a snag while investigating the moon." Feyd began. "We've encountered an intelligent life form that claims dominion over the moon. As you are from a mining culture, we wonder if you have any experience with anything like this."

Kasm looks at Dr Relor thinking that it is obvious that he was clueless about Pandoran society and decides that now is probably not the time to educate him on it and says "no". Wondering why he was asked to come here to answer such a simple question he prepares to get up and leave to return to what he was doing.

The Commander was a little surprised by Kasm's answer but really didn't know much about Pandorian culture so he took him at his word "Thank you Lieutenant for your time" he commented knowing they were no further ahead than before....they would have to figure it out for themselves.

"Lieutenant," Rayven asked gently "Have you ever heard of the Benzee? That's what those beings in the mine on the moon call themselves."

Shifting his focus to Rayven Kasm says "no".

"Thank you lieutenant, you have been a help," Mystery said "Your good to return to what you were doing."

Jamie looked around the room "Looks like we'll have to deal with this during the negotiations" then looking at Feyd "You're right Lieutenant Commander....this isn't going to be cut and dried....not by a long shot" he commented wishing there was more to go on.

"As do I," Mystery said "Rayven find out what those rocks you picked up are made of. See if you can find out how long the Benzee have been here. That said unless there's nothing more your dismissed. One final thing, get with those two planets and inform them we're ready for the talks. Dismissed."



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