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#23 Mines

Posted on Wed Mar 16th, 2022 @ 10:48pm by Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Dispute
Location: Ship
Timeline: Current


After leaving the captains conference room Kasm returned to the holodeck and was going to start up his mining program again and changed his mind. Instead he loaded up the scans of the moon that he had made.

The holodeck gave a much better view of the inside of the moon than the sonar scans he was used to reviewing.

Easily identifying the voids that he had found in the previous scans, taking those negative voids and transposing them to positive it creates a map of a significant complex buried deep in the moon. After studying the map he had made Kasm thinks he has found a way into the complex.

Having satisfied that curiosity he then returned to the original scans and began working through various filters until he found what he was looking for. All through the moon he finds, what initially seemed to be natural fissures throughout the moon, what he thinks might be the areas that the Benzine live in. It is apparent that these creatures live With the rock, not In the rock. If his theory is correct then tracking the Beezynne will be difficult as their movement through the rock of the moon is completely in harmony with the moon and their body density is close enough to that of the environment that they would scan as part of the living rock.

During his research not once did he even think about the fact that none of the officers asked him any relevant questions at the meeting he was ordered to go to.

Having put a few hours into his research Kasm shuts down the simulation realizing that it is time for him to report to his duty station.

Once on the Bridge Kasm takes his station as usual.


and no, he does not mention his research to anyone.


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