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#9 Neutral Zone

Posted on Mon Apr 11th, 2022 @ 11:07pm by Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: bridge
Timeline: Current


Kasm didn't really like having a human whisper in his ear. He stopped listening after the part about running towards the neutral zone.

When the order came to go, he went, driving the ship up to warp 7 to get away from the Federation ship.

As they approached the Neutral Zone the Dauntless opened fire on the 'warbird'.

When the 'warbird' returned fire, Kasm noticed that the phaser energy was underpowered and would have no chance to harm the enemy shooting at him. Finding the error in the phaser bank, he fixes it so the next phaser spread is at full power.

[Bridge Dauntless]

Captain Jax smiles at his XO, "Lets chase those 'Romulans' back to their space with their tail between their legs, give them one more shot then break off pursuit."

"Aye Captain" responds the XO as he turns to tactical to give the order to fire again, before he can say anything the ship shudders from the impact of phaser fire tearing through their shields and tearing huge gouges from the saucer section.

"What the Hell?!? FULL SHIELDS! EVASIVE MANEUVERS! Get us the hell out of here Helm!" Yells the Captain.

[Bridge Independence]

Mystery's face goes ghost white as she sees the damage done to the Dauntless, turning to tactical she whispers "what just happened"

"Captain! We are being hailed!"

Mystery faces back forward not sure what she was going to say to Captain Jax "Put the Dauntless on main screen"

"It's not the Dauntless Captain..."

As two warbirds uncloak on the Romulan side of the neutral zone as the Independence goes tearing past them at warp speeds...



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