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Post Number 10 What The Hell!

Posted on Tue Apr 12th, 2022 @ 7:09am by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


“What the hell just happened?” Mystery yelled “Get me Captain Jax and find out who changed my orders. Helm full stop thrusters at station keeping.”

“Captain we’re being hailed, it’s the lead Romulan Ship,”

“Send message, unable to respond due to damage from the attacking ship. Get me the Dauntless, NOW!”

“You’re on captain,”

Captain Jax appeared “Captain how badly are you hurt? I have no idea who changed my orders to keep the phasers on low power,” Mystery asked

“Damage is minor, some hull breaches but no loss of life,” Captain Jax responded

“Do you need assistance? I’m just over the Romulan boarder and can send someone over to help,” Mystery said

“No captain, we’re okay, shields were up just not at full power. Repairs are already underway and will be completed in a matter of minutes,” Jax replied

“I assure you I will find out who changed my orders and they will be dealt with. Everyone on my bridge heard my orders not to fire on you as we’re both Federation and I will not fire on another Federation Ship,” Mystery said "That's why we both agreed low power phasers. To make it look real."

“My report will read that there was a drifting War Bird and when we opened channel to find out why they were on this side of the neutral zone they opened fire on us causing us to destroy it.” Jax answered

“I’ll make sure Admiral Wilson is aware of this and I’ll take whatever punishment he deems fit for this. As long as your okay is all I care about. We’ll meet when this is over and again my sincere apologies for this,” Mystery said

“We’re fine captain, as I said minor damage and yes let’s meet when your mission is over, Dauntless out.” With that the transmission ended

“That could have been a lot worse. Find out who changed my orders and had the phaser banks at full power. Stand down red alert. Return phasers to full power and take them off line,” Mystery ordered

“Captain the lead ship is signaling asking if we have com’s fixed yet.”

“Acknowledge audio only, let them know our cloak is destroyed and our visual com’s is down due to the attacking ship. The bridge crew is going to need to be altered to look like Romulans,” Mystery said breathing a sigh of relief as the Dauntless what not badly damaged

“Lead ship signals they understand and will escort us to Romulus,”

“Helm follow them, do not charge weapons, raise shields unless directly ordered by me. Bridge crew head to sick bay for alterations to appear Romulan, tapping her com-badge “Lieutenant West get your extraction team to sick bay for the alterations to appear Romulan. My entire bridge crew will be having it done. I’ll be the last. After all we’re one happy fleet.”



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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant Kasm on Tue Apr 12th, 2022 @ 10:50am

Actually, your statement that the entire bridge crew heard you orders is not completely true. The discussion of th3 plqn was made in the ready room. And you had som3on3 come and whisper the plan int Kasms ear.

By Lieutenant Kasm on Tue Apr 12th, 2022 @ 11:10am

my bad, i missed this statement
"Tactical as soon as they've returned to The Dauntless, raise shields, target engines on them, make the phasers look like full power only it will be low power so not to damage that ship," Mystery said "This has to be timed well."

Kasm probably missed it because someone was whispering in his ear and he zoned out because that person was annoying him and fluttering the hairs in his ear and he was focusing on not pummeling the offending human into paste.....