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Post Number 18 Information Meeting

Posted on Sat Apr 30th, 2022 @ 6:20pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant JG Billi & 2nd Lieutenant Tracey West Jr

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current


With all that was going on, and crossing into the Neutral Zone and beyond, Billi knew that this was an Intel operation to extract agents. ~Must be nice~ she thought ~When I was deep cover no one gave this much effort to get me out from behind the lines~

But...that was neither here, nor there.

Arriving on the Bridge Billi glanced around to locate the two she sought to speak with, and yes, both were currently on the command deck. "Captain Ellis, Commander O'Connell, may I have a word with you in the Ready Room?"

Mystery nodded "Of course, commander follow us to my ready room," Mystery said getting to her feet. "Mist you have the bridge." With that she led the way to the ready room.

O'Connell was consulting an officer at a station so Billi followed the Captain, entering the Ready Room and taking a neutral spot in the meeting area in her office.

"Please have seats both of you," Mystery said.

O'Connell had just finished speaking with one of the Officers on the Bridge then zipped into the Captains Ready Room and grabbed the offered seat; then waited for the someone to inform him what this meeting was about.

"Lieutenant Billi what did you wish to speak with us about?" Mystery asked.

"Several things, Captain." Billi was confident and nervous all in the same breath. This mission was vital to saving lives. And, more important to her, Starfleet Intelligence lives. Like the Earth Marine Corps of old, Intel agents were SEMPER FI (always faithful). "First, any being with iron based blood will have an odor to Romulans. A foul odor. Vulcans used to use a nasal numbing agent when dealing with Humans for an extended period of time. Now, that is a thing of the past. But, these are Romulans. They are xenophobic. My blood is copper based, like theirs. Hence; my green skin. I would like to be a member of any teams going down to the surface." She had made sure to position her facing so that both were included, able to see them both straight on with but a glance.

Mystery thought for several minutes "Second Lieutenant West will be leading one away team, the extraction team will need to blend in that's why the orders for everyone to look like Romulans. Should I agree to this you do understand West will be in charge?"

"So Billi if you're included in the Away Team will you be going by yourself or will Kehlani be going also" The Commander inquired "I agree with the Captain....West will be in charge since his he has lots of experience with this type of mission."

Mystery tapped her com-badge "Lieutenant West please report to my ready room."

OOC: West never responded to reporting to the Ready Room, Billi didn't respond to the questions indicating Second Lieutenant West would be in charge. The two of you need to work this out. I do well understand the demands of real life I myself was in the hospital for two days.

[Marine Country]

Williams checked the power cells on his heavy pulse phase rifle and stuffed it into his tactical bag. As the team's Corpsman, it also contained several needed medical devices in addition to weapons. West came into the room, a look of consternation on his face. "What's going on here?"

"Just getting ready for the operation, Lieutenant." Williams replied.

West crossed his arms. "Just so you understand this is a simple exfil, Private. Listen, you and Conners were chosen specifically to be a part of this op because you've demonstrated you have cool heads. This is not a shoot first, ask questions later operation, understood?"

"Sir yes sir!" Williams replied, saluting.

"Very good, let's finish getting ready then."


OOC: Everyone included in this JP please read it any questions contact me.


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