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Post Number 19 Assignments

Posted on Thu May 5th, 2022 @ 2:43pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


Time to get this mission posting. I’ll tag departments and such please pick up and run with the tags. If your not able to respond let me or Commander O’Connell know


“Captain we’re being hailed, it’s Romulus they want to know if we need assistance in repairs,” communications called

“Let’s hope the holo emitters are convincing, on screen,” Mystery ordered

Seconds later the image of a Romulan came up and juding by the rank he was a commander

“Commander I’m Sub-Commander Talla,” Mystery said

“We intercepted communications that you’ve suffered some damage from a fight with a Federation Star Ship. Do you need assistance? I’m commander T’Jent’

“Repairs have been completed commander,” Mystery responded “Damage was minor.”

“Good to hear, I’ll expect your report in two hours, out,” T’Jent said closing the channel

Tapping her com-badge “Second Lieutenant West is your extraction team ready? So far our ruse is working but I don’t want to take chances, have you heard from Lieutenant Billi? She’s expressed interest in going along” Tag West and Billi

Tapping her com-badge again “Engineering status of the holo emitters? Are they going to be able to hold up until our mission is done and we’re able to leave Romulan Space. I don’t need them to fail and have them realize they’ve been duped and that we’re a Federation Ship,” Mystery called Tag Enginerring

“Ensign Kasm status of helm?” Mystery asked Tag Kasm

Looking at operations “ Lieutenant Balarog status report how are we doing?” Mystery asked Tag Balrog

“Rayven keep a sharp eye on sensors,” Mystery ordered

“I’m on it captain,” Rayven responded “Just reminding you that just because we can’t see any Romulans does not mean they’re not there. They’ll cloak and we’ll never know it.”

“Warning noted,” Mystery said looking at Jamie “I’ll be glad when this is over and we’re out of here as I don’t what to think what the Romulans will do should this backfire on us.” Tag O’Connell

OFF: If I missed anyone feel free to add them in.


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