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Post 21 - Best Laid Plans

Posted on Fri May 6th, 2022 @ 1:31pm by 2nd Lieutenant Tracey West Jr

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Marine Country
Timeline: Current


[Marine Country]

Tapping her com-badge “Second Lieutenant West is your extraction team ready? So far our ruse is working but I don’t want to take chances, have you heard from Lieutenant Billi? She’s expressed interest in going along”

West tapped his comm badge. "We are ready Captain, making final preparations now. West out."

He turned toward the small extraction team consisting of himself, Williams and Conners. "Latest intel says our man is in this building." He said, pointing to a building that was part of a complex on a 3-D holo map.

"The plan is simple, we'll shuttle in, posing as Romulan Tal Shiar with orders to escort our Vulcan spy to a more secure interrogation facility." He held up a specially modified Padd made to look like the standard issue Romulan version of the same. "They hand him over, we hightail it to the shuttle and head back to the Indy."

"Why not beam in?" Williams said.

"It's a highly classified research and development facility. No beaming in or out." West replied. "Any questions?"

When none presented themselves, West nodded. "Very well, let's head out."


More to come!

Second Lieutenant Tracey West Jr
Starfleet Marine Corps
USS Independence


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