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#23 Tardy

Posted on Sun May 8th, 2022 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant JG Billi

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: various
Timeline: Current


As soon as Billi had finished her reconstructive surgery and was given the go-ahead to get dressed, she did so quickly and efficiently. Once in Romulan garb and equipment she then rushed out the door, a security escort taking her through the ship to the shuttle with West aboard. Being over Romulus the crew might react badly to seeing a lone Romulan wandering the corridors, so Billi took the escort.

Arriving in the shuttlebay Billi could see the designated craft, the hatch still open. "Thanks, folks," she said to Security as she rushed over to the small craft and stepped aboard. "Apologies for being tardy," she said, slightly out of breath from all the rushing around. "But, I do have green skin. Took a minute to tone it down to Romulan shades." With that said Billi sat down at the SCI console, tapping keys and setting the station how she liked it while the others got the ship ready for take-off. Time to extract.


OOC: Just a quick catch-up to situation :)


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