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Post # 26 - Gearing Up

Posted on Thu May 12th, 2022 @ 1:23pm by Lieutenant JG Valentina Ferron

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 6 - Quarters}

Gabriella had just finished the Alpha shift since Lieutenant Kasm wasn't allowed on the Bridge at present. Gabriella really wasn't too jazzed about having her face changed just for a mission; but orders were orders. Now she had some spare time, since she knew Katlyn was very busy with her duties, to log some more hours in the Flight Simulator and there was a series of simulations that she was dying to try out if the CAG approved; there was only one way to find out.

{Deck 3 - Shuttle Bay}

Walking into the Shuttle Bay Gabriella walked over to the CAG "Lieutenant Thompson how are you" she asked with a smile.

Debbie looked up from her work and smiled back "Ensign nice to see you again. What brings you to the Shuttle Bay" she queried.

"I was wondering if I could log some time in on the Flight Simulator" she requested hoping for the right answer.

"Aren't you a little past the point of Simulators....from what I seen your a very capable Helmsman" Debbie answered being a little puzzled at the request.

"Thank you Lieutenant....but I was looking to hone my skills as a Fighter pilot and thought the Simulator would be a good place to start since we don't have the real thing aboard" Gabriella explained.

The CAG thought for a moment before asking the next obvious question "So if you know the Indy doesn't have Fighters then why even bother" Thompson asked wondering what her answer would be.

Gabriella thought for a moment before answering "Well Ma'am if the Indy should ever get Fighters then I want to be ready to slip into
a Fighter Pilot's's all I've been working towards my entire career in Star Fleet" came the explanation.

"And if the Ship never gets Fighters, then what" Debbie wondered trying to figure out what her answer would be.

Gabriella gave thought to her question for a few seconds "Then when I'm fully trained then I'll probably put in for a transfer to another Ship that has a position open......but I hope that isn't necessary....I really like being on this Ship" she stated.

Debbie being satisfied with her answer smiled "And we're glad to have you aboard" then she paused for a moment "Tell you what I'll grant your request under one condition.....there are a lot of Simulations and instructions to that type of program so you have to promise me that you'll take each section in order and not skip ahead if you get"

Gabriella was over joyed which showed by the big smile on her face "Yes I promise and I won't let you down....and thank you for means a lot to me" she replied.

"You're welcome know if you weren't such a skilled Helmsman then I wouldn't even consider letting you try these Simulations" Debbie replied "Come on and I'll program the Simulator for you.....then you're on your own."

Gabriella followed the CAG over to the Simulator and waited while Debbie reprogramed the machine. Then looking at Gabriella "OK here you go...have fun and learn a lot" she commented.

"I will Lieutenant and thank you again for the opportunity" a very happy Ensign replied as she climbed into the Simulator. Now the fun would begin.

The first couple of segments was explaining and showing the functions of the different instrumentation as well as the controls of the Fighter. Gabriella was in 'absorption mode' trying to learn as much as possible.

The next segment was where the fun began. Following the step be step process she was able to start the engines and could feel the vibrations they produced. After several minutes of pure enjoyment, Gabriella shut down the engines and exited the simulator being quite proud of herself for her first time with this particular simulation.

After she exited the Simulator Debbie walked over to her "Ensign I was about to come and check on you to make sure you didn't fall asleep in there" she said with a grin.

Gabriella had a confused look on her face "I'm not sure I follow Lieutenant" she replied.

"Ensign you've been in there for four straight hours.....I just wanted to make sure you were all right" she explained still grinning.

After a moment of thought "Sorry Ma'am.....I didn't realize I had been in there so long. I guess I was focused so much I lost track of the time" Gabriella replied hoping she wasn't in trouble.

"No problem Ensign. I'm impressed how long you could hold your concentration.....that's quite impressive" the CAG replied.

Gabriella just grinned "It's not hard to do when you love what you're doing" she replied "I would like to continue my training if that's permitted" she stated.

"Of course....train at your leisure and besides I want to see just how far you can progress in this endeavor" Debbie commented with a grin.

"Thank you for that Ma'am" she replied "And I plan of completing the entire matter how long it takes. I really want to become a Fighter Pilot someday."

Listening to what was being said the CAG was impressed with the Ensign's commitment to the situation "And I'm sure you will be certainly have the drive. Now if you'll excuse me there is something I need to take care of before the days end" she stated with a smile before she walked off.

Gabriella turned with a big smile on her face after spending some fantastic hours in the Simulator realizing she was quite hungry "Maybe I'll call Katlyn and see if she wants to meet me for dinner" she whispered to herself then tapping her Comm "Lieutenant Zebot this is Ensign Dubois.



Ensign Gabriella Dubois
Flight Control Officer
USS Independence


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