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#25 Confusion

Posted on Wed May 11th, 2022 @ 9:02pm by Lieutenant Kasm

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Ship
Timeline: Current


Kasm wandered the halls of the Independence, as he was no longer allowed on the bridge in the event their escorts called.

Actually the wandering quickly became a challenge as he walked the 30+ kilometer path trying to cover all corridors without walking over the same stretch twice.

Humans are weird, definitely weird. It took some getting used to while at the Academy as some of his fellow students would watch recordings of other humans, mostly speaking to each other, but sometimes fighting or flying craft in competition. He was told that this was entertainment and that the people on the vid were called 'actors' and were just pretending to do the things they were doing.

So, now, part of the crew were 'actors', pretending to be Romulans. Still not sure how this was supposed to work. Was this just a way to entertain the Romulans in their territory by pretending to be them?

It is clear that they can't expect the 'real' Romulans to think that the acting Romulans were real Romulans. For one thing, none of them spoke the language of the Romulans so if anyone said anything that would be a clear sign they were not Romulans. And besides that, none of them smelled like Romulans, well Kasm assumed they didn't smell like Romulans because they all smelled like they did before they started pretending to be Romulans.

The more time he spent amongst these confusing aliens the more he wished he had not volunteered for this 'opportunity' to serve his Consortium by learning about the Federation...

Hopefully the next 10 years pass quickly...



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