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Post # 27 - Dinner With A Friend

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2022 @ 8:06am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Lieutenant JG Valentina Ferron

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 6 - Quarters}

Tapping her Comm "Lieutenant Zebot this is Ensign Devroe, would you like to meet for dinner" Gabriella asked.

"Yes I'd love to...I'm just finishing my shift so give me about an hour....if that's ok" Katlyn replied with a smile on her face.

"Sounds good I'll meet you in the Lounge in an hour then" Gabriella said sporting a smile of her own. Now it was off for a quick shower and figure out what to wear other than her Uniform. After Gabriella's shower she dried off and brushed her beautiful long hair then looked in her closet where she found this rather form fitting blue dress cut just above the knee which would fit the bill nicely.

After she was all dressed along with brushing her hair one more time, and of course her favorite perfume, Gabriella left for dinner with a dear friend.

{Deck 3 - Lounge}

Gabriella walked into the Lounge and started looking around for Katlyn; of course there were quite a few of the Bridge Crew who now looked like Romulans. After scanning the area for a few moments she noticed someone standing kind of waving over in the corner of the Lounge....must be her dinner date.

She walked over with a smile on her face and yes it was Katlyn. As she approached the table "Hi my Romulan friend" Gabriella said with a grin "You make a pretty Romulan Katlyn."

Kat just grinned "You don't look so bad yourself and love the dress by the way" she commented then sat in her seat. Katlyn wore a black pencil skirt along with a light yellow blouse.

Gabriella sat as she commented "Katlyn you look very pretty in that goes great with your hair."

"Thank you" Kat replied "I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of ordering a dinner salad with breadsticks for each of us."

"Thank you....that was very kind of's like you read my mind" Gabriella replied with a grin "So how do you like looking like someone else."

"Not a fan of my new look...I'm rather partial to my normal face.....especially looking like a Romulan....but I guess orders are orders....I just hope we all make it through this in one piece" Katlyn stated sounding a little concerned about the whole situation.

"I agree with you on all counts.....I'm kinda partial to your face as well and yes I hope we all make it through this too" she replied as she placed her hand on top of Katlyn's.

Soon a person from the Cook's staff walked over with a tray with their dinner on it "Here you go ladies, two dinner salads....enjoy" he stated with a smile then turned and went back to the Kitchen.

The two friends leisurely enjoyed their dinner while chatting and laughing about various things for quite some time.

After dinner Kat began to tell Gabriella about her recent conversation with Heather "When I was walking by one of the Holo Decks yesterday, I ran into Heather after she had just finished her workout and let's just say the uniform does nothing for her figure" she stated then continued "While we were talking she told me she had worn the same outfit the first time Jamie workout with her."

Gabriella chuckled "Poor did he concentrate on what he was doing" she replied finding a good amount of amusement in the story.

"Heather said he managed to concentrate in spite of her rather gorgeous body and of course the rest is history" Katlyn concluded.

Then Gabriella's demeanor changed somewhat "So you think Heather has a gorgeous body do you" she commented not being terribly happy about how Katlyn had just described another women.

Katlyn could sense the mood change in her friend and quickly tried to recover the conversation looking into Gabriella's eyes "Yes Heather does have a gorgeous body but she doesn't hold a candle to yours" she stated as she placed her hand over the top of Gabriella's. Then after a few moments "You're not jealous because of what I said are you?"

Gabriella was silent for a moment then grinned "I guess not...I've never heard you describe another women like that before, and it kind of took me by surprise that you would view someone else like that" she commented as her smile returned.

Katlyn inwardly breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Gabriella wasn't upset about the whole conversation "Heather is all spoken for anyway...besides I have my eyes set on someone else" as she gently gave her hand a squeeze then gave her a wink.

Gabriella didn't quite know how to respond to what Katlyn had just said so she grinned "Me too....I have my eyes on someone and she's sitting across the table from me" she replied with a grin.

The two friends continued their conversations for a couple more hours when Gabriella commented "I should probably be going....would you like to walk me back to my Quarters" she asked hoping to spend a little more time with Katlyn.

Kat smiled "Yes I'd be happy to walk back with you." So the ladies left the Lounge to take a leisurely walk back to Gabriella's place.

{Deck 6 - Quarters}

Once they arrived Gabriella looked into Kat's gorgeous eyes "Would you like to come in for a night cap" she asked with a smile.

Katlyn just grinned "Since I'm on Beta Shift tomorrow and don't have to be up early.....sure I'd love to have a night cap with you" came the reply as the friends walked into Gabriella's Quarters.


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence

Ensign Gabriella Dubois
Flight Control Officer
USS Independence


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