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Post # 30 - Getting Out Of Dodge

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 9:36am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current



Kat tapped her Comm "Commander O'Connell, the Shuttle has just set down in the Main Shuttle Bay and I'm on my way there now."

[End Snip]

{Deck 1 - Bridge}

"Understood soon as you check on them I'm going to need you on the Bridge" the Commander replied.

Minutes later Jamie heard the Lift doors swoosh open as Lieutenant Zebot entered and relieved Tactical. Looking around Jamie had all his Officers that would be needed except one. Tapping his chair Comm "Captain this is O'Connell....the Shuttle has returned from Romulus and we'll be getting underway soon" he explained.

"On my way Commander" Mystery replied being very glad to be getting out of the Neutral Zone finally.

Jamie wasn't about to waste any time getting the Ship ready to depart knowing that the Captain would be here momentarily.

'Helm lay in a course for Federation Space....the shortest possible distance.....then bring her about slowly, we don't want to tip our hand just yet" O'Connell ordered as Mystery walked on to the Bridge and took the 'big chair'.

"Aye Commander" Ensign Dubois answered "Course laid in Sir."

Tapping his chair Comm once again "Engineering this is the XO....we're going to be 'getting out of dodge' momentarily so be ready."

"We're all set Commander....on your order" Lieutenant Kudo replied.

Turning to Mystery "It's all your Captain" Jamie said with a smile excited to be leaving a very dangerous situation.

"Mr Jaenke open a ship wide channel" Mystery ordered.

"Your on Ma'am" came the reply.

"Attention all Crew we're leaving the Neutral Zone quickly so you may want to grab onto something....I'll let you know when we've cleared the Neutral Zone" Mystery instructed.

Now it was time to get her Ship and Crew back to safety. "Science keep scanning ahead of us....make sure we have a clear path out of here. Tactical keep an eye on those Romulan ships and let me know the moment they're in pursuit. Helm lets get out of here....Warp 8.5....hit it." the Captain called out orders faster than Jamie had seen her do before and not waiting for the normal response.

"Hitting it now Ma'am" Ensign Dubois replied "Warp 8.5."

Moments later the engines screamed as the Independence lunged forward meeting Helm's demands. Mystery looked at Jamie "Fingers crossed we get out of here unharmed" she stated as Tactical spoke.

"Two Romulan ships in pursuit Captain and their closing in on us" Zebot informed Command.

"Helm how long before we clear the Neutral Zone" Jamie asked with concern.

"About twenty minutes Sir" Helm replied. "Engineering how are the Engines holding up" "Good Commander, no problem" Then looking towards Helm "Ensign take us to Warp 9.5....we need to put some distance between us and those Ships" "Going to Warp 9.5 now Sir."

"It's working Commander....we're putting some distance between them and us but their matching our speed Sir" Tactical stated.

Mystery looked at Jamie "Time for a little surprise....Engineering launch the package towards the Romulans.....Tactical once we're a safe distance from the package hit it with phasers to explode it....maybe that will slow them down a little" the Captain ordered.

"Helm how much longer until we clear" the Commander inquired. "Eight more minutes Sir" came the reply.

"Exploding the package now Captain" Zebot announced "Direct hit.....the Romulans are peeling off.....they're no longer in pursuit."

Both the Captain and the XO looked at each other as they breathed a sigh of was almost over. "Mr Jaenke open a hailing channel then Mystery began "This is Captain Mystery Ellis of the Federation Starship USS any Federation Ships along the Neutral Zone.....we'll be crossing into Federation Space in about four minutes disguised as a Romulan Warbird....please hold your fire until we get a moment to turn off our Holo Emitters then you will see we are who we say we are."

Then a face appeared on the View Screen "This is Captain Thomas of the USS Endeavor you'll have exactly three minutes to shut off your Emitters before we open case your trying to deceive us Warbird. Thomas out" he informed the Captain.

Before the Captain could give the next order Helm responded "We've just cleared the Neutral Zone Captain."

Turning to Science "Lieutenant Mist shut down those Emitters now" Mystery ordered.

"Emitters are shut down Ma'am" Lieutenant Mist replied with a smile on her face.....they had made it back safe and sound.

"Tactical keep an eye on the Endeavor....I want to know if they charge their weapons. Helm get ready for some fancy flying just in case" the Captain ordered.

It was a tense few moments with everyone on the Bridge wondering if they were out of the woods yet; especially Command.

A few moments later "We're being hailed Captain" Comms stated.

"On Screen" as Mystery walked over and stood behind Helm.....a smiling face appeared "Welcome home Captain.....I must say you has us fooled...great job with the Emitters and the Crew's appearance....are you in need of any assistance" Thomas queried.

"Thank you we're glad to be back and no we're fine" then she paused "And thank you for not firing on us and giving us a chance to prove ourselves."

"No problem Captain travels....Captain Thomas out" he said with a smile.

Mystery tapped her chair Comm "This is the Captain we've cleared the Neutral Zone. Thank you all for all that you are a great Crew."

Mystery stood and faced the Bridge Crew "You all did an exemplary job.....I do have the best Crew in Star Fleet" she stated then took her seat. "Helm lay in a course for Jupiter Station....Warp 5" "Aye Ma'am" as the Ship turned and headed for the Station.

Then tuning to her XO "I think after that the Crew has earned some R&R" she stated with a grin "I don't know about you but I'm tired of looking like a Romulan."

"I couldn't agree more...on both counts" Jamie replied with a chuckle.



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