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Post #32: Refit

Posted on Mon May 23rd, 2022 @ 4:28pm by Lieutenant Brooks Balrog

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: USS Independence, Bridge
Timeline: Current


Jamie, we'll miss you! I hope you end up back with us sooner rather than later!

This one immediately follows Jamie's last post.


{USS Independence, Bridge}

Paperwork always confused Brooks. Check this, uncheck this, sign here--it never seemed to make sense. "Alas," he sighed as he reviewed the entire ship refit order on his PADD while walking about the now deserted bridge. It was his job after all as the Chief Operations Officer.

"Install new Cogswell Sprockets on decks 3, 12, 14, and 17," he read. "I don't even know that means, but at least I'm finally on the last page," he added just as he was about to confirm the entire order.

"--Lieutenant Balrog!" he comm badge shrieked.

"Oh my...!" he replied, nearly tripping over his own feet, and not noticing that his errant finger replaced each "install" with "remove" in the refit order. He tapped his badge. "Yes, this is Lt. Balrog, what is it?"

"I have your new temporary orders," the voice replied.

"Okay, thanks, I'll be right there. Balrog out." He looked back at the PADD. "And submit!" he explained as he clicked the final button.


Uh oh.

Lt. Brooks Balrog
Operations Officer
USS Independence


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