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Here We Go

Posted on Wed May 27th, 2020 @ 3:20pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Captain Mystery Ellis
Edited on on Wed May 27th, 2020 @ 3:23pm

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


Jamie decided to sit for a few moments to gather his thoughts before he went to see the Captain. After a few minutes he realized that weird smell was actually coming from him, so he quickly showered and put on a clean fresh uniform. Now he was ready to see the Captain.

Jamie entered the Turbo-lift as he thought to himself "Here we go". "Main Bridge" was his command and shortly the doors opened and he was on the Bridge. Looking around he saw the Commander. " Commander Ell........." and he stopped in mid sentence when he noticed the fourth pip on the XO's collar. " Begging your pardon Ma'am, Captain Ellis we need to talk it's extremely important"

Mystery looked up and nodded to the seat next to her that was reserved normally for the first officer. "What's on your mind lieutenant?" Mystery asked once he'd taken a seat

" Let me start from the beginning. When I was in my Quarters I heard someone calling my name and when I answered I was transported off this ship to somewhere else. After awhile I discovered that I was in the Cargo Bay aboard the Star Base. Also I found Lt. Balrog at the same location. What I didn't plan on finding, to my horror, were a dozen or more Crewman dead and their bodies were torn with phaser fire". Jamie paused, being careful on choosing his next words.

"Go on," Mystery said

" Then the weird stuff started happening. When I looked into the air around a light it sort of moved or 'shimmered', if you will. Also when I went to check one of the bases Crewman for a pulse my hand literally passed right through the body. When I was at the Academy I attended a class that talked about 'multi-phases' within a timeline. Of course that was just theory; until now. After a short time we were approached by a race that called themselves the 'Belleez' who could travel between different phases within a timeline. They were the ones who transported us to the Cargo Bay. They gave us a stark warning about the organism to give to you. They said to be very careful about exploring the Star System that lies ahead of us as that's where the organism comes from. It is highly evolved and intelligent and it has destroyed many planets in that system and does not care who's next. Also let the Away Team know to keep on their hazard-suits or they will be infected as well; and the infection is deadly. After we gave them our 'word' to tell the Captain, you, about what they said and what we had seen they transported us back to the ship."

Mystery was silent for several minutes while what he'd told her sunk in "Then the only thing left to do is place a marker that says do not approach. I'll notify the away team not to remove their suits. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

"Your welcome Captain; that about covers what happened to us on the Star Base and hopefully Lt. Balrog is back aboard the ship.

"If he's aboard yet I've not heard. I'm going to have to debrief everyone as by now you've noticed there's been a sudden change in command. Get some rest. Make sure to get checked out in sick bay." Mystery said

Jamie left the Bridge thinking to himself "I sure hope that I didn't forget anything" and made his way back to his Quarters for a hot meal and some rest; then he'll swing by sickbay for a checkup.


Captain Mystery Ellis
Commanding Officer
USS Independence

Lieutenant Jamie O"Connell
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Independence


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