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Time To Go

Posted on Thu May 28th, 2020 @ 4:31pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


“Captain Kor, I’m Captain Ellis commanding the Federation Starship USS Independence. I’ve just been made aware as well of this situation. I have personal on that star base as we speak. Stand down I’m handling this. Do not attempt to fire on the base, those two ships or this one as if you do I’ll consider it an act of war and will respond in a fire fight neither of us want.” Turning to communications Mystery made a slicing motion indicating to end the transmission

Tapping her com-badge “Doctor Relor and Lieutenant Lance I’ve been informed by Jamie O’Connel that there are beings called 'Belleez' who could travel between different phases within a timeline. We’ve been warned about exploring the star system. They gave a warning about an organism that is highly evolved and intelligent. It has destroyed many planets in that system. They do not care who is next. You need to keep your suits on and under no circumstances are you to remove them. The infection is deadly. What is the situation over there?”


“I am…Lieutenant Rilla Von,” said the Trill in somewhat halting speech. “The Choc’kta… only wish to… survive.”

“Who are the Choc’kta?” Kevin inquired.

“What…are the…Choc’kta,” replied the Trill, “They are…beings who wish…to co-exist. They…were uprooted from their…environs. They…are surviving the…only way that…they know. But it has…been difficult.”

“Why aren’t you infected?”

“The…Trill host is…but I am communicating with the Choc’kta,” responded the Trill’s symbiote.


“Choc’kta if you wish to survive then you’re to leave these bodies you’ve taken over, return to the planets in the solar system. You’ve infected many Federation personal. I’ve also been informed about the Belleez. I’m sure you’re familiar with them. I’m prepared to leave both species here to co-exist. My chief medical officer has a cure but to administer the cure will kill the Choc’kta. I’ll drop a marker buoy that will warn everyone away from here and both species will be free to live in peace. Is this acceptable to you? Mystery asked

The Trill who was speaking for the Choc’tra thought for a few minutes“We….are….agreeing….to….your….terms. We….know….of the Belleze….they are friends…..If they…..have….harmed your….people…..we….are sorry.” There was a bright shimmering of light and they were gone leaving the star base eerily silent.

“Away team return to the ship. Decontaminate and then destroy your suits,” Mystery said “I have two Klingon Birds of Prey starring us down.

“Captain we’re being hailed by the Klingons. It’s Captain Kor again,” Communications announced

“On Screen,” Mystery ordered.

The Klingon Kor came up “What is your answer!” Kor demanded

“My people are returning, I’m dropping a marker here and leaving this system as are you. If anyone is to destroy that base and ships it’s up to me not you. Attacking the star base will cause me to open fire on you. You’ll die with no honor.” Mystery said

“We out number you,” Kor said

“And I out gun you,” Mystery replied “In hopes of peace between us I ask you to leave this space and let me do my job.”

“You’re brave, for that I leave you in peace. Not many females would talk to a Klingon as you have. Ka’Pla,” with that the two Klingon ships jumped to warp,

“Tactical charge weapons, as soon as the away team is back aboard scan the base and both ships. If you find no life forms destroy them I’m not taking chances of anyone wandering here and getting infected. Drop a marker buoy do not approach.” Mystery ordered “Helm set course for Risa we all could use some R and R. Engage at warp three.

"Transporter room this is the captain notify me the minute the away teams are back aboard. Inform them I'll need full reports.


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