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Ensign Billi

Name Billi

Position Infiltration Specialist

Second Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

User Permissions Limited
Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 70

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 137lbs.
Hair Color Black/brunette
Eye Color blue


Personality & Traits

General Overview Billi is flawed, and that makes her perfect. She can be obnoxious, pushy, close-minded, and bullheaded. She can also be brave, fiercely protective, compassionate and steadfast. She can be both incredibly selfless and incredibly selfish, sometimes in the same breath. No one can relate to a person without flaws and Billi has them aplenty, and readily admits it. She doesn't strive for perfection. Hell, she doesn't even think of herself as a hero. She does what needs to be done because there's no one else to do it. Which makes her more of a hero than anyone who claims to be one.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has spent her entire life being the strong one, the anchor. She can be vengeful, but she has limits to what she's willing to do for revenge. The present is more important to her than the past. Since she was a child, Billi has put on a brave front. She makes light of things, so that others won't worry. Because of this, it is extremely difficult for Billi to open up about her feelings to anyone. It goes against her every instinct to allow others to see her vulnerable. It's her job to take care of people, not the other way around. That's just ingrained in Billi. She conceals her issues behind a smartass, gungho, horndog attitude. She takes pleasure in the simple things; food, alcohol, sex, music, and beating the crap out of her enemies.


Orion females are very animistic in nature, known for their extreme carnal appetites and their innate skill of seduction. A Human male can rarely resist the alluring dance of the Orion slave girl.

In Orion society, the males were slaves to the females. As a means of deceiving other species, the Orions maintained the facade that the females were the slaves. This went as far as Orion females on the Orion slave market.

Once sold to a male, the Orion slave girls used their unique physiology to their advantage; their highly potent pheromones accelerated the metabolisms of males of many species, raising adrenaline production to dangerous levels which caused aggression and, ultimately, a form of delusion. Its most significant effect was to make them susceptible to suggestion. Not long after, the "owner" males began taking orders from their "slave" females. The pheromones' effects were cumulative; the longer exposed, the more pronounced the results.

Human females reacted negatively to those same pheromones, experiencing headaches, and Denobulan males found their sleep cycles interrupted by them. Vulcans were immune to effects of the pheromones.

In 2155, Dr. Phlox of Enterprise NX-01 theorized that the pheromone acted as a defense mechanism against competition.
Hobbies & Interests Billi is an accomplished musician and singer, since that is one persona she uses as in infiltrator. Beyond her music, Billi also loves to train in her martial arts, weapons, and technical skills. The smallest task is another means by which to practice. She hunts, hikes, goes fishing, and does just about everything else that comes to mind. Weight lifting and core training are a big favorite, keeping her healthy and strong for her life behind the scenes.

Personal History As can be expected, Billi spent many of her youthful years being sold as a slave, acquiring personal wealth through criminal activities, and running her own crew of thugs. However, as the years went by she began to notice that other races would keep her people at arms length (unless male), due to all the rumors and hearsay about their criminal culture. Deep down it bothered her, so as the years went by she stopped being sold as a slave, gathered together a group of individuals, and got into legitimate trading and commerce. As those years passed she became bored with it all, and honestly wanted to try and be a person to make a difference. So, the only logical thing to do was to go join Starfleet.

In the Academy Billi made many friends, and not just due to her sexual proclivity. Of course, for any girlfriends, Billi had to carry a small packet of gel capsules with her, filled with hydrocortilene. The analgesic would stave off the effects of her pheromones on them, for the headaches, which they appreciated. It brought them closer as friends since she actually gave a damn about what her physiology does to people. The four years went by fast as she was trained in Infiltration and encryption. During this time, becoming a hardened service woman instead of a merchant of flesh, Billi developed a code to live by.

Personal Code for life:

Don't take any shit. Be kind to people, children and animals, but don't take any bullshit. It has to do with respect and honor. Anyone can be a brash, quick- tempered lout. Be cool, stand tall and backup what you say with action.

Never lie, cheat or steal (among friendlies). Another way of saying this is to always tell the truth. Your word is all you have in life that is truly yours. Guard it carefully and be about something noble.

Don't snitch. If you see a wrong, fight it yourself. If you are about anything, you'll take care of problems yourself and never feel the need to snitch someone off. Snitches are the lowest life forms in the galaxy, right up there with thieves. This rule goes hand in hand with the next one.

Don't Snivel. Absolutely no one likes or respects a sniveler. Another way to say this is hold your mud. Still another way to think of it is, "Don't sweat the small stuff." Most of life's little inconveniences work themselves out whether you snivel or not. Keep your chin up, dammit!

Never say die and never give up. Whether it's in a fight, a debate, or a business deal, no matter how bad it gets, an Orion never gives up. That's why you see a lot of wealthy Orions, 'cause they don't know how to quit in any element of their lives. In the Orion world of rugged individualists, only the strong survive.

Help others. When a brother or sister is broken down, stop and help them. Even moral support, if that is all you can give, is better than riding on by. Remember life is about the journey, the ride, not getting there. You already are there. And don't just help Orions, show the world that we are better than our image portrays us. Courtesy costs you nothing and gives you everything.

Stick to your guns. Do what you say you'll do, be there when you say you will. This is called integrity. This also goes back to standing for something. Like the song says, "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."

Life is not a drill. Yeah, this ain't no dress rehearsal. This is life, go out and take big bites of it. You've got no time to lose and Orions don't stand around waiting for the party to come to them. You only go around once. Tomorrow you could be dead. Live life now, make the most of each moment. This is not a drill.

All right, now let's review. You are an Orion, a Starfleet officer. Protect the weak, walk tall and stand proud. Your word is your bond. Stick to your guns. Don't take any shit. Life is not a drill. Now go forth and prosper.


Billi tries every day to live by this code, written to herself years ago, and she still reads it all on occasion to keep in line with it.
Service Record SHIP CERTIFICATIONS: Level 3 Security clearance for Intel.

As an Orion growing up around criminal types, Billi has learned to pilot small craft and fighters. During her stay at the Academy this came forth, adding to her infiltration techniques as she would be able to sneak into regions of space largely unnoticed. She added six months to her Academy stint, taking the necessary courses to be certified as a fighter jock/small craft pilot.

INTEL CERTIFICATIONS: a fully trained infiltration specialist with years of experience outside of Starfleet service due to her upbringing. She is an Intel officer despite taking different roads in her career.


COMBAT CERTIFICATIONS: Mixed martial arts, including mokbara.

Phaser and combat training equal to that from Starfleet infiltration school, not to mention her years as an Orion crew chief.

PERSONAL SKILLS: An accomplished linguist, speaking and understanding over a dozen languages.

Encryption specialist, a natural talent for her. Able to see patterns in codes that others might miss.