The Sim

The USS Independence is a traditional, long-form simulation using third person narrative. The sim is set in the Star Trek Prime universe in the year 2385. Our primary goal is to provide an outlet for creative story telling with a Star Trek theme, with a secondary goal of fostering fun and a sense of community.

While the USS Independence is a member of UCIP, we are actually named after a sister club, Independence Fleet. Our registry number of NCC-70401 comes from Independence Fleet's July 4, 2001 founding.

The USS Independence was launched on August 24, 2019 and to date has had three hosts:

- Captain Dex Hellion: August 24, 2019
- Captain Mystery Ellis: May 7, 2020
- Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance: September 4, 2020
- Captain Mystery Ellis: February 12, 2021