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The USS Independence is completing refit and departs on a shakedown cruise

No missions found

Coming Aboard

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Post your characters coming onto the ship and reporting in with your departments. Get a chance to meet the Captain and the First Officer.

Part of Season One

Ghost Station

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The crew of the Independence is sent to find out why Star Base 945 has quit responding to hails from Star Fleet Command. Two docked star ships have been reported to being there and they too have not responded to hails.

Part of Season One

Shore Leave

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Time to flesh out your characters and have some fun while I come up with a new mission and while our new XO gets on. We're at Risa so have fun

Part of Season One

Distress Call

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The Independence is called to the aide of the Freighter Olympia that is adrift. It has life support but everything else has failed. They need our help.

Part of Season Two

By Odin!

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The Indy is assigned to escort a diplomatic delegation from a newly warp-capable culture on a non-aligned world.

Part of Season Two

Resupply and Refit

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The Independence is docked at Starbase 10 awaiting its next mission

Part of Season Two

Splinter Faction And Assisting

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Two worlds are attempting to broker a peace treaty with a splinter faction from one of the worlds thinking otherwise. The Independence is sent to moderate the treaty and is attacked by the splinter faction. Marines could be sent down to the planet as a vanguard while all of the fighting is going on.

Part of Season Two

Shore Leave

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With the ship needing repairs the Independence heads to Jupiter Station so the crew can get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Star Base Mercury And ????

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The Independence is sent to clean up Star Base Mercury and get it programmed and ready for crew. The station has been abandoned for several years and is in need of cleaning and repairs.

Several strange things begin to happen as well. It seems to be harmless fun.

Character Development

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Time to flesh out your characters while a new mission is worked up. I do have one in mind. The pranks will continue. Lets do some Character Development and have some fun

A Cry For Help

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The Independence receives a very short plea for help from what appears to be a child asking for help as the freighter is under attack by a band of marauders. Before we can respond to the plea several screams are heard and the transmission ends. The transmission is for any ship in range. That ship is us. We go to the freighter's location just in time to attack the marauders and drive them off, or do we?

Updates And Character Development

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The Independence after rescuing Captain Ellis from the Marauders heads to Jupiter Station for an upgrade to the weapons and some R and R. Will Things be peaceful? Only time will tell.

A World In A World

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The Independence leaves Jupiter Station after some minor repairs were done and some weapons upgrades.

After several days we come across a large planet nearly twice the size of Jupiter, it has several rings around it. The gravity despite the size of the planet is close to that of Earth. Upon scans its found that there is a complete second world deep inside the planet. It appears to have its own sun and climate. Both have water, trees, and other features. But there is where the similarities end. Is the planet inhabited and if so are both inhabitants aware of the other one? What will we find as we explore the planet What lives on the surface and beneath it. What do they look like and are they friend or foe both to us and to each other. Only time will tell.

Character Developmemt

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The Independence is taking twenty settlers and their families from Jupiter Station to Planet Astra. All scientific scans and exploration reveal the planet in uninhabited. No life forms of any kind. No humans, no animals, no birds not even an insect.

Charcter Development

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Time to have fun.

Sleeper Ship and Criminals

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While on routine patrol the Independence comes across a drifting, and what appears to be a crippled over sized freighter. Upon closer inspection unknown to them it’s a sleeper ship with some criminals that were bound for a penal colony. The engines are nearly dead and most of the sleeper pods are still functioning but are close to failing. The Independence takes them aboard to treat them and see how long they’ve been drifting in space. We'll find out its criminals as the mission plays out.

Time To Relax

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After recent events the Independence has gone to Risa where the crew can get some badly needed rest


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The Independence is sent to settle a dispute between two planet who both claim a forest moon as their own as the moon is located directly between both planets. It orbits both of the planets

The planets are called Mantra and Destin.

Character Development

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Upon the completion of the mission, Dispute we're now heading to Jupiter station where the crew can get some downtime, visit family, visit Saturn Station, Earth's Moon and even visit Earth

Behind Enemy Lines

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The Independence is sent across the Neutral Zone to the Planet Romulus to rescue two under cover operatives. One has been captured by the Romulans and the other operative has called for help. He's currently in hiding awaiting our arrival and is hoping his partner is still alive.