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Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Name Katlyn (Kat) Jean Zebot

Position Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security

Second Position Computer Systems Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

User Permissions Limited
Gender Female
Species Regalian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Blondish
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Regalia's gravity is two times stronger than other planets. This makes Katlyn appear to be exceedingly strong by most planet's standards even though she really isn't. She is tall, solid, very fit and has a well toned body; along with short blondish hair and piercing blue eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jasper Zebot
Mother Elizabeth Desmond-Zebot
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sarah Zebot
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Katlyn, who likes to go by Kat, is fairly easy going. Because of her extra strength she has to be careful when any physical contact is made with another person. Kat likes to be around people and goes out of her way to be friendly. She also leaves room for some fun in her life.
Strengths & Weaknesses S: Kat takes her job seriously and is well organized. Not shy about helping others when she thinks a situation warrants it; especially if someone asks for help. She is also extremely intelligent even though she doesn't always come across that way.

W: Comes off as a flirt sometimes due to her friendliness, toned body, blondish hair and blue eyes; although she doesn't intend for that to happen. Kat is trying to tone it down a bit.
Ambitions Would like to advance in rank to a Commander, but no further so that she can keep doing what she loves...Computers. Wants to marry one day but probably to a Regalian male as other males are too fragile and she may break them.
Hobbies & Interests H: Likes an assortment of outdoor activities and sports. When inside she visits the HoloDeck for hand to hand combat practice; she can't break the Computer.

I: Likes reading fantasy and romance novels. Also loves Regalian music.

Personal History Born in 2357 on the planet Regalia to Jasper and Elizabeth Zebot who lived in a small village in the Northern hemisphere.

Jasper ran a small farm which made about enough money to support the family on. Elizabeth maintained the home and also grew a rather large garden to preserve food for the family to eat.

Kat had a fascination with the farm computers from an early age; they just awed her. Jasper warned her time and time again not to mess with the computers but to no avail.

At age twelve Kat realized there was something different about herself; she could read a book quickly and have total recall afterwards. Her parents took her to the Doctors only to find out that Kat had a photographic memory; which serve her well in life.

Finally when she was fourteen one of the computers just gave out due to age and use. After begging her father to let her have it to tinker with, he finally gave in as it was of no use the way it was. It took Kat some time but she finally got the thing to boot-up and it worked very well. Not satisfied with her achievement she scoured the net for programs to make the computer really useful; which she found and installed.

By the time she was seventeen Kat knew what she wanted to do with her life. Kat applied to Starfleet Academy in a Computer Science discipline and was accepted. Elizabeth was very proud of Kat and encouraged her to follow her dreams. Jasper wasn't too happy about Kat's career choice; but as usual Mom won out.

When Kat arrived at the Academy it took her awhile to adjust to the lesser gravity and she soon realized that she had an excessive amount of strength now. This came by the way of accidentally grabbing someone's arm as she heard their bones snap.

While at the Academy she excelled in the Computer Sciences and soon became bored. After some testing she found out that she had an I.Q. of sixteen hundred which was very rare. At the suggestion of her Advisor she enrolled in a second major which was Tactical/Security which challenged her somewhat.

Kat did well in both majors and graduated with honors.
Service Record 2374 - 2378: Attended Starfleet Academy and graduated with honors.

2378 - 2385: Served on the USS Cleveland as a Computer Specialist and also worked in Tactical.

2385 - Present: Assigned to the USS Independence as interim Tactical/Security Officer until the Tactical Chief returns as well as
working as a Computer Specialist.