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Lieutenant Kasm

Name Kasm

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

User Permissions Unrestricted
Gender Male
Species Pandoran
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 4'2"
Weight 253
Hair Color Black and White
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Short stocky anthropomorphic panda. Front extremely sharp incisers are more beaver like.


Spouse Tilla
Children 3

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like the rest of his race, he is impulsive, short tempered and fearless.

Though he did not distinguish himself at the academy, he has proven to be an excellent pilot.

Review the Wiki entry on the planet Pandora.
Strengths & Weaknesses Actually one of his greatest strengths is also his greatest weakness. As a Pandorian he comes from an extremely high gravity world. Even after the last few years living in an Earth normal gravity, sometimes he forgets his own strength and breaks something. His normal workout involves multiple reps bench pressing over 500kg, and his deadlift maximum has not been reached yet as the bars cannot sustain the weight. Of course, this is all done at 1g, on his planet with the 3.6g standard, he is not considered to be amongst the strongest of his race and actually ranks as slightly above average.

Personal History Born into a mining consortium on the southern continent on Pandora, he worked the mines when in his youth.
Once it was discovered that the crystals they were mining had properties that allowed them to focus energy, he changed professions to have an opportunity to help develop the technology revolving around them in power plants.
And again, when warp fields were discovered he moved on to that program in hopes of becoming a pilot and exploring the stars.
Service Record Kasm spent 10 years working for the consortium responsible for developing the technology to use dilithium crystals to focus and generate energy. When warp fields were discovered by the scientists he volunteered for the test flight program.
Though dozens of pilots and crew died from test failures, Kasm couldn't wait for his turn at flying the warp capable ship. In fact he was the pilot who had the first successful test flight and was amongst those involved in first contact.
During the negotiations with the UFP he continued working with the consortium to develop more reliable technology. When negotiations were completed Kasm was amongst the 5 of his race to be accepted to Starfleet Academy.
Throughout his time at the Academy, he was considered an average student. In fact he had a number of incidents with other students who had made fun of him and he ended up in a number of brawls which went on his record.
He was assigned to the USS Independence to basically get him out of the way. In fact all of the Pandorians ended up being assigned to positions which keep them out of public view.