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Ensign J'Dem

Name J'Dem

Position Intelligence Officer

Second Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

User Permissions Limited
Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 76

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 175
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description J'Dem is of average height and build.


Personality & Traits

General Overview J’Dem is typically Vulcan. He is given to logic and will criticize his inferiors when they act outside of the rules or do not follow protocols. He likes to meditate, hone his covert operations and tactical abilities with the use of real life and simulated scenarios, and does his best to fit in despite the fact that he feels like a fish out of water. Although several of his comrades have mentioned the stench of humans, J’Dem has never noticed
that they smell all that different from Vulcans.

Personal History J’Dem was born and raised on Vulcan in the normal Vulcan fashion. After showing some inclination toward the environmental sciences as a child, his
talents in the field were cultivated extensively.

Like all young Vulcans of his time, J’Dem was ruled by his emotions and unhappy with the way Vulcan youths were indoctrinated into a life free of
emotion. Just before his enrollment into the Vulcan Science Academy, J’Dem’s father decided it would be best if his son spent time studying under
a Vulcan Master. Resultantly, he was sent to a local monastery to study under the famous P’Jel.

Over time, J’Dem came to understand the profound logic behind Vulcan religion.nThe sect was one of the few that toed the line between pure logic and the minimal use of emotions and as a result of his experiences there, J’Dem became adept at controlling his emotions

After his time at the monastery, J’Dem was enrolled on the behalf of his father into the Vulcan Science Academy where he majored in biology. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the Vulcan Science Vessel Merris as the assistant Science Officer. During one of their routine missions, the Merris was boarded by the Cardassians. During the interlude, J’Dem showed a latent talent for covert operations – a tendency that was not overlooked by his superiors.

Soon after his 2 year service on the Merris, J’Dem was asked by Vulcan High Command to enroll in Covert Operations assignments which he accepted. During his training, J’Dem specialized in Cardassian culture and tactics and undercover work. It was during this time that his emotional control abilities were recognized by his superiors. Upon the completion of his training, he was assigned to the Kadar as assistant Tactical Officer in order to hone his skills.

After his assignment was completed, J’Dem was again called by Vulcan High Command to participate in the Starfleet Officer Exchange Program to both broaden his horizons and to hone his flexibility as a potential covert operations officer. His first assignment in Starfleet was as Chief Security.
Service Record Vulcan Ship Merris - 2 year stint (Assistant Science Officer)
Vulcan Ship Kadar - 2 year stint (Assistant Tactical Officer)
USS Independence – Current (Chief Security Officer/Master at Arms)