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A Nordic Welcome II

Posted on Sat Oct 10th, 2020 @ 3:55pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Charles Gillespie VII
Edited on on Sat Oct 10th, 2020 @ 3:56pm

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current

OOC: This scene immediately follows A Nordic Welcome I and picks up with the Ambassador's question to Mystery.

Ambassador Baer spoke to Mystery, "I believe that you mentioned that you wanted to inspect the Odinskusinerdreimalentferntwurdier ship?"

"Zo formal!" the Storhatten laughed, "If ve are to be friends den yoo ken call us Odinskus." The Ambassador smiled broadly and turned to Mystery.

Mystery nodded "I would like to see their ship,"

“Dat ken be harranged profided ve vould be allowed to zee your sheep as vell,” the Storhatten replied.

"Yes you will," Mystery replied "I'll arrange for you to have a full tour of my ship."

"Commander Relor," the Ambassador called out to the medical officer, "Would you join us please? This is Jungfru Börsdotter. She is going to be your patient for the physical examination."

Kera Börsdotter reached out to Feyd but stopped short, her eyes darting between his chin and his scalp. Her expression was one of consternation as her mouth opened and closed, then opened and closed again."

"Ahem, yes," the Ambassador said rather embarrassingly, "I suppose we can skip the formal greeting." The Odinskus with the hammer hit the gong again, drawing an irritated glare from the Storhatten.

Feyd shrugged and told the Jungfru to follow him, then he turned to depart the shuttle deck.

Ambassador Baer turned back to Mystery, "So, Captain. Who will you have accompany you on the inspection of the Odinskus vessel?"

"Ambassador there is no one who will be able to accompany me. I'll be going alone," Mystery replied.

"Captain," Chuck interjected, "it would not be appropriate for you to go alone. I can accompany you. At the very least, have Mr. Lance join you."

Mystery looked at the commander and shook her head "I'll go alone.

Kevin was shocked at the Captain's response. He knew that special operators were a breed unto themselves, lone wolves. But a captain going alone onto an alien ship seemed very risky.

"Don't worry Commander," the Ambassador reassured Chuck, "I will be sending my own engineering and science attachés to conduct their own analysis of the Odinskus and I am certain that Mr Delai will insist that some of his associates accompany them. Whom should I have Ms. Wyrick coordinate the Odinskus' tour of the Independence?"

"Since I have executive officer, I'll have Commander Gillespie and Lieutenant O'Connell set up the tour," Mystery said

“Very good,” replied the Ambassador, tugging on his beard. GONG!

“VILL YOO STOP VID DE COCKMAMIE GONG!” the Storhatten shouted. The Odinskus warrior next to the gong dropped his hammer in surprise. The Storhatten turned back to Mystery, visibly trying to regain his composure. “Den zhall ve zay in four hourz?”

"Four hours it is," Mystery said bowing.


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