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Nordic Engineering

Posted on Sun Oct 11th, 2020 @ 10:04am by Sim Master Alpha & Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Independence Main Engineering
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant O'Connell cast one more look over main engineering as he awaited the arrival of the Odinskus guests.

The Lieutenant waited by the entrance to Engineering as the Odinskus guests filed into the room. "Welcome honored guests to the Main Engineering of the USS Independence. If you will follow me, I'll give you a tour of the facility and if you have any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them for you."

The Odinskus were lead by Astra Karrelsdotter, the Storhatten's captain, and included two blue robed women and two Odinskus warriors. The Captain and warriors retained their weapons but they either had covers on the edges or bound to their scabbards with cloth.

O'Connell and his guests made their way to the Warp Drive; as he turned "This is the Warp Drive for the Ship" he started to explain without sounding too technical "This has the same power as some of Starfleets large ships which gives us additional power at our disposal. This is then fed into two Warp Nacelles, one on each side of the aft part of the ship, which causes the warping effect which enables the ship to cover more Space in less time."
Before we move on are there any questions" O'Connell asked after his rather lengthy explanation.

The two blue robed women conferred with each other, then one of them asked, "Vhy do yoo needz two proyectors to kreate de varp phield?"

"Good question" O'Connell commented "The two projectors, as you call them, provides a more balanced and stronger warp field. In other words the field has the same density throughout making travel much smoother and more reliable."

'Do yoo not find dat dere iz a loss of eeffishiency in splitting de hengery between two proyector?" the woman asked.

"Interesting question" O'Connell commented "But no, not at all. Because of the balancing between the two projectors it's actually makes the efficiency better and more reliable. The very first ship that was warp capable used the same concept, although it was a much simpler design."

“Zo, de metter-hantimetter reaktion is yenerated here und trenzmitted to de two nazelles?” the second blue robed confirmed.

"Now if there are no more questions please follow me over here" the Lieutenant instructed his guests "This elevated area holds all of our Computer Control Panels. There are several panels; one for the Warp Drive ,that I just showed you, and the others are for the computer itself, environmental, structural, and the Impulse Engines which makes for slow maneuvering of the Ship as well as propels the Ship once the Warp Field has been established. These are all tied into our Main Computer so that we can access any part of the Ship from these Panels. Any questions on what I've just showed you?"

“Und vere is de alter?” asked the first woman.

After giving the question some thought "Well... as far as Engineering is concerned where all the Control Panels are, that is the alter" not knowing if his explanation would answer her question. "That area gives us the ability to control the Ship."

Yoo mizhundersandz me," the woman explained, "Ve hunderstandz dat de penels kontrol de sheep but vere does yoo invoke de blezzingz of de gods?"

The Lieutenant just stood there for a moment rather confused and really not knowing how to answer her question, then came the best answer that he could manage"There is a room at the top of the Ship, meaning the Bridge, and that is where we invoke the blessings of the gods."

"Zo far away from de henginez?" the second woman asked, "Haarn't yoo afraid dat de godz might get lust?" Both of the blue robed women broke out in peals of laughter.

"Pearheps he invokez de blezzingz of de godz in a different vay," said the first woman leering at Jamie. Astra gave a half smile at the remark.

One of the male warriors nudged the other one, "Hy betz he doez!"

O'Connell kind of chuckled at the remark, being amazed that he was actually beginning to understand these people "Not to worry, the gods talk to us through this device." as he showed them his Comm Badge.

The second woman took badge and turned it over in her hand, examining it. "Die Spinner die Federalers," she muttered.

Knowing that this conversation was going nowhere fast, O'Connell moved his guests around to the holo-table "Lastly this is where we conduct our simulations to determine if our plans will actually work before we attempt to do them for real. This is where we made the plan for your ship to get from your home planet to Starbase 10 quicker."

"Vot plan iz dat?" Astra asked.

Hopefully O'Connell didn't let the 'cat out of the bag' as he carefully began to explain "We've devised a plan where your Ship can navigate Warp Currents in a straight line from Pyxis IV to Starbase 10 instead of you having to travel all over the sector in order to pickup the Currents. This will take much less time for you to travel"

"How vould dis be hachieved," she asked, eyes narrowing.

"Very simply put, we are able to project a Warp Current far enough in front of our Ship so that your vessel will be able to use the current to can travel on" was Jamie's explanation "Thereby cutting down your traveling time to Starbase 10."

"Yur propozal iz hintereztink," Astra said playing with one of the braids in her hair, "Ve vill pray on eet. Now ve vould like to zee vere yoo invoke de blezzingz of de gods."

"Yes, I think that can be arranged. Just one moment please" O'Connell instructed as he tapped his Comm "Lieutenant O'Connell to Comdr. Gillespie."

"Go ahead Mr. O'Connell."

"Sir our guests would like to see the Bridge, where we invoke the blessings of the gods, with your permission" O'Connell stated.

"Permission granted."

"OK, if you'll follow me we will take a lift to the place where we invoke the blessings of the gods." O'Connell explained.

The Odinskus followed O'Connell into the lift and within moments the door opened and they all walked out onto the Bridge "This is the place where we invoke the blessings of the gods."


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