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New Digs

Posted on Sun Oct 11th, 2020 @ 1:28pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell
Edited on on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 7:28pm

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Current



The USS Saratoga had made arrangements to meet the Independence at Pyxis IV to transfer Ensign Heather Devroe, who was their new Assistant Chief Science Officer. She had observed all of the Federation Protocols upon coming aboard and was making her way to her new home.

When she arrived at her new Quarters, she keyed in the security code that had been given her upon arriving on the Independence.The door slid open and she made her way inside.

Looking around she saw that it was rather spacious, which she wasn't used to from being on the Saratoga for so long, with a couch and low table in front of it. On the other side of the room was a desk with her computer terminal and her PADD setting next to it. There was a wall behind the couch which concealed her sleeping quarters and a nice bathroom with all of the necessities. Against the far wall were all of her belongings that had arrived when she did and she was pleasantly surprised that they had found their way to her Quarters so quickly.

“This place will do nicely as my new digs” Heather thought to herself. Since she had some time before she needed to report to the Bridge to start her shift, she decided to at least put her clothes in the closet. When she had finished she went into the bathroom to do something with her hair.

Heather had always put her long wavy hair up into sort of a bun, but sometimes it would to fall down which was very annoying; usually at the most inconvenient times. So she thought “new ship, why not a new hair style” so she let her hair down and shook her head to untangle her waves. Looking in the mirror she decided to go with a 'pony tail', which she uses when she works out; this was well within Federation protocols. Heather brushed her hair and pulled it back and banned the pony tail. She looked in the mirror in both directions “Yup, this will work out just fine.”

Having a seat on her couch, which was quite comfortable, she started thinking “I haven't worn my hair in a pony, other than workouts, since I was a teenager.”

Then teenage memories started to flood her mind. When she was in her mid-teens most of the other Betazoid girls wanted nothing to do with her. Probably because, besides being very muscular and toned, she had 'filled out' quite nicely; much more so than the other girls her age. Then there were the boys which really didn't like her much either, but for different reasons. Heather was perceived to be too masculine even though she was very pretty and well endowed. At the time she thought that it was because she could kick all their butts which scared most of the boys her age and older; looking back she was probably right.

But the one thing that hurt her the most, during her teenage years, was the betrayal by those who she thought were her friends. She vowed....never again would she allow friends to betray her like that. From then on if someone wanted to call her 'friend', then they would have earn her trust over a period of time.

There was one thing that Heather needed to do while she had the chance. “Computer...Ensign Devroe, Heather code Gamma, Delta, 1591, Zeta; register these Quarters accordingly” she commanded.

“Security code recognized....these Quarters are now registered to Ensign Devroe, Heather Lynn” the Computer replied.

Heather walked over to her desk and grabbed the Comm Badge and placed it appropriately on the front of her uniform. Taking one last look around “Well I guess it's time to start my new job.”

She made her way to the door, with PADD in hand, and proceeded to find her way to the Bridge.


OOC: This will be the only solo post for Heather.


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