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A Nice Time

Posted on Thu Nov 26th, 2020 @ 11:36am by Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Current

It had been a few days since their last workout together and Heather had contacted Jamie to meet her at nineteen hundred hours.


Jamie planed on being a gentleman this evening so as not to mess things up between them after taking so long to break down the barriers. When he walked up to Heather's quarters, after pushing the chime, the door slid open.

“Hi....please come in” she said with a smile. As he entered her quarters he saw the most beautiful creature that he had ever had the pleasure to see; wearing some very unusual clothing.

“How've you been” she asked smiling.

“ that I'm with you” he answered with a smile “Those are really some unique looking clothes your wearing.”

“Oh of my hobbies is researching 20th century Earth's clothing for women. These pants were called low rider jeans and this top is a half shirt” Heather explained “So...what do you think” she said while turning in a circle with her arms extended for Jamie to see.”

“I think that you really make those clothes look stunning” he answered while seeing the jeans riding low on her hips, with her bare midriff showing, and the shirt being just a little below what was necessary.

Heather walked up to Jamie “You're sweet to say so” as she touched his face. “Would you like some wine... and please have a seat on the couch.”

“Yes, some wine would be fine.”

Heather stepped to the replicator and moments latter brought back two glasses of wine as she handed one to Jamie.

“Would you like to listen to some music.... do you have a preference?” she asked.

“ would be fine” he answered “Anything that you would like, surprise me.”

“Ok....Computer play 20th century Earth's smooth jazz...Heathers list” she requested. Soon the room was filled with very soothing music as Heather took a seat beside Jamie and they talked for several minutes.

“ do you like the wine and the music” she asked, being quite interested in his answer.

“The music is very pleasant and relaxing. The wine I really like; and I'm usually not a wine person, but this is good....what is it.” Jamie asked.

“The wine is from Chateau's a LeBlanc. One of my friends on the Saratoga got me hooked on the Chateau Picard wines and I've been a fan ever since.” Heather explained.

For the next few of hours they talked about different things while listening to the music and sipping their wine.

“So...if you mind my asking.....what are your plans for your career in Starfleet; or life in general for that matter” Jamie asked.

“Well....I would like to work my way up to maybe Commander but no further. As far as life....maybe marry someday, if I can find the right guy; but I don't want any children being on a Ship” Heather explained. “ about you.”

“About the same really...I would like to advance in rank and as far as marriage, if I can find the right women.....and I agree with you probably no children; a Ship is no place to raise them” was his answer.

After a moment of silence Heather asked “Something that I've been curious about, what was so disappointing in your life when we talked in Engineering a few weeks ago?”

After thinking for a moment “I was struggling with being alone and bored on my downtime and wasn't able to find the right women to share some of it with.” Jamie answered. “There was a women but she decided after only one date that she needed to focus on her career and felt that I would be too much of a distraction for her.”

“Unfortunately someone like that having only one focus in life will most likely end up miserable. Anyway.....her loss is my gain. And....I think that your problem of being alone may have been solved” she said with a big smile “Now that I have earned your trust I would like to spend some more time with you, if you would like.”

“Nothing would please me more than spending more time with you” Jamie answered “If you mind me asking, now that we know each other better...why is trust so important to you.”

Heather proceeded to tell Jamie that when she was in her mid-teens most of the other Betazoid girls wanted nothing to do with her. Besides being very muscular and toned, she had 'filled out' quite nicely; much more so than the other girls her age. Then there were the boys which really didn't like her much either, but for different reasons. Heather was perceived to be too masculine even though she was very pretty and well built. At the time she thought that it was because she could kick all their butts which scared most of the boys.

“But the one thing that hurt me the most was the betrayal by those who I thought were my friends. I vowed....never again would I allow friends to betray me like that. From then on if someone wanted to call me a 'friend', then they would have earn my trust over a period of time. So that's why trust is such a big issue with me” she explained.

Taking Heather's hands and looking straight in those beautiful blue eyes “I would never knowingly, ever break the trust that exists between us.” Jamie assured her.

“That's so sweet; I know you wouldn't or we would not be having this conversation right now. You have no idea what that means to me, hearing you say that” Heather said as she moved closer to Jamie.

“Kiss me” she whispered to Jamie; so he placed his warm hands on her bare waist and proceeded to kiss her in the most proper manner.

After a few minutes of kissing, Heather looked Jamie in the eyes “That was nice” and she proceeded to put her arms around him, while he still had his hands on her waist, and kissed him most passionately.

Their kissing lasted for a several minutes, then she stopped and with her head tilted slightly forward and their foreheads touching “I like the way you kiss......and I really hate to say this....but it's getting late....

Then Jamie finished her sentence “And I should be going.” So they got up off the couch and walked to the door holding hands.

“I had a very nice time this evening and hope that we can do this again” Heather commented.

“Well....I think that can be arranged” Jamie said smiling, then gave Heather one last kiss before leaving for his quarters.



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