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Collision Warning I

Posted on Sat Dec 19th, 2020 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Lieutenant Jamie O'Connell

Mission: By Odin!
Location: Independence
Timeline: Enroute to Starbase 10

[Captain's Quaters]

Mystery was awakened from a deep slumber by the ship's red alert siren. Outside her stateroom windows the stars appeared motionless, a certain sign that the ship was no longer at warp.

"What the frell!" Mystery exclaimed as she jumped from bed and grabbed her com-badge, tapping it "This is the captain what the frell is going on?"

"Lieutenant Maida, ma'am," The Chief Flight Control Officer reported over the comm badge. Maida was the senior bridge officer this watch. "The sensors detected an unrecorded navigational hazard and the computer dropped us out of warp to avoid it. We weren't able to warn or arrest the momentum of the Odinskus ship, however, and they appear to have struck the hazard."

"I'm on my way to the bridge, hail the Okinskus ship and see how much damage they've suffered if any." Mystery said as she headed for the bathroom to change into her uniform.

[Chief Engineer's Quarters]

The ship's red alert siren jarred Jamie awake.

"What the bloody hell!" Jamie exclaimed as he threw on his uniform and was out of his room in minutes as he hauled butt to the Bridge where he needed to be at this time.

[Chief Strategic Officer's Quarters]

Upon hearing the ship's red alert siren, Chuck jumped up out of bed and promptly tripped over Artemis. Somehow, he managed to keep his balance. He threw on his uniform, exited his quarters, and headed for the turbolift.

When Chuck arrived on the bridge, boots still in hand, he looked more like Feyd than the carefully groomed appearance he preferred.

Lieutenant Maida turned in the commander's chair and stood up as she recognized the Commander. "Commander, the Captain has been notified and is on her way to the Bridge," she reported.

"As you were, Lieutenant. What happened?" Chuck pulled his boots on and scanned the bridge.

The bridge was occupied by the members of the middle watch lead by Lieutenant Maida. Ensign Devroe, the newly assigned science officer, was at the science console. Lieutenant j.g. Jenkins, the assistant chief tactical officer, manned the tactical console. One of Maida's junior pilots was at the helm.

"Sir, the computer detected a navigational hazard along our course and dropped us out of warp, " Maida continued. "I have Ensign Devroe scanning the hazard and I notified the Captain. We were unable to warn the Odinskus ship or arrest their movement. They continued at warp along the course we were pushing them on and appear to have run into the hazard. We are trying to hail them," she indicted the chief at the communications station, "but have been unsuccessful so far."

"Very well. Continue the hails." Chuck went to the science station to have a first-hand look at the data. He stood back from Devroe to give her space to work.

The turbolift doors opened and Captain Ellis stepped out onto the bridge, followed by Lieutenant Lance. Lieutenant Maida replaced the junior pilot at the helm, checking the ship's status and awaiting orders.

"Report," Mystery said

Jamie arrived on the Bridge and stepped to the Engineering console to relieve the night engineering crewman who had a huge look of relief on his face. They exchanged a few words, then Jamie's hands were going over the console as fast as humanly possible. Soon he realized that the ship had automatically dropped out of warp and the emergency brakes initiated, which was a Ship's Computer safety feature, otherwise they would have collided with whatever was ahead.

The Lieutenant turned and looked over at Ensign Devroe who was about to communicate her findings to the Captain, "Captain, there is a small mass of dark matter about one hundred kilometers ahead which is directly in our path," she reported, "The Odinskus ship appears to have run right into it."

"The Odinskus ship's warp field is down and it is emitting only sporadic energy signatures. At least three of the smaller vessels were also damaged, one severely," Kevin then went on to recite a list of various systems on the Okinskus ships that were off-line.

Meanwhile Jamie tapped his Comm "Lieutenant O'Connell to Engineering".

"T'Sol here Lieutenant; we have dropped out of warp.....what's the cause" he answered with his Vulcan curiosity peaked.

"There is a small mass of dark matter about one hundred kilometers ahead directly in our path and the other ship has run into it." was Jamie's explanation "Run some simulations and figure a way to free their ship; quickly. O'Connell out."

"Aye Lieutenant, T'Sol out" he replied.

"The Odinskus ship sailed through the dark matter and are fifty thousand kilometers beyond it," Kevin reported.

"Captain," Lieutenant Maida call out, "I have a course plotted to take us around the dark matter and rendezvous with the Sleipnir."

"It appears they were not damaged by running into the dark matter. I can only assume the other ships along with them are fine too. Stand down red alert, plot the course to rendezvous with them," Mystery said "Inform damage control teams they are not needed."

Jamie being puzzled by the conflicting reports on the Bridge decided to contact Engineering "O'Connell to Engineering."

"T'Sol here Lieutenant, go ahead" T'Sol answered.

"From all accounts it appears that the Odinskus ships have transversed the dark matter without incident. Cease your simulations but recheck to make sure that we can still project a warp stream for their ship to use since we had an emergency stop. Let me know if there are any problems right away. O'Connell out.

"Understood Lieutenant" T'Sol replied.

"Course laid in and ready to execute," Maida reported to the Captain.

"Execute," Mystery said taking her seat at command.

Chuck approached the Captain. "Ma'am, if we can't raise the Sleipnir, we may have to board." His voice betrayed a hint of anxiety.

Mystery sighed and looked at the commander "They may not want our help or need it. I'm puzzled as to why and how they were able to get through that dark matter and why we can't go through it. Something is not adding up right."

While all of this was going on Ensign Devroe was busy at the Science Station gathering as much information as possible about the dark matter. "What the heck?" the Ensign thought to herself. So she double and tripled checked her findings. "That's very strange" as she proceeded to check even more of the data. After a few more minutes the Ensign concluded that her findings indeed were correct.

"Captain" Devroe called out "This may sound a little strange....but.....the dark matter, by all the data that I've been able to collect, confirms that what's up ahead is a....well....a sentient being."

"It's what? Does it appear to have been injured?" Mystery asked

"A sentient being" the Ensign repeated "It has a gash at it's center but to be healing itself, even as we speak. I've never seen anything like this...ever!" she added extremely surprised.

"I heard of something like this once before, certain ships can go through depending on the size while larger ones are stopped. If it's healing itself then it's going to be okay. Drop a warning buoy to alert anyone heading this way. Download your findings and make sure I get a copy. I have a friend who would love to see this," Mystery said.

"Aye Captain....downloading now.....Ok, a copy has been sent to the terminal in your Ready Room" Devroe stated.

"Deploying warning buoy," Kevin replied.

"Approaching the Odinskus ship," Maida announced.

The communication officer reported, "Ma'am, I have the Odinskus Captain on comms."

Mystery was about to respond when she noticed the comm panel on her command chair was notifying her that the Ambassador was trying to contact her.

Pressing the comm pannel "Ambassador this is Captain Ellis what can I do for you?" Mystery asked as she turned to communications "Inform the captain I'll respond as soon as my incoming transmission is completed, send my apologies to him."

"Aye, ma'am," the communications officer replied.

Ambassador Baer's image appeared on Mystery's comm screen. "What is happening, Captain? Why are we no longer at warp?"

"Your ship ran into a dark matter and the breaking system on my ship caused both of us to drop out of warp. My engineers have corrected the issue and we've plotted a course around the dark matter to meet up with you. Your ship was able to sail through the dark matter," Mystery replied. "Our sensors didn't pick it up in time to warn you."

"What are you talking about?" the Ambassador asked, "I'm aboard the Independence."

"Ma'am, the Captain of the Odinskus ship is hailing us again," the communications officer announced again.

"Handle that," Mystery said to Chuck as she stood and walked towards the turbolift, "I need to smooth things over with the Ambassador."

"Aye aye, ma'am." Chuck took his position in the Captain's chair. "Put the Storhatten on, Chief."


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