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Some Conversations

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 10:26am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Resupply and Refit
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current



As Jamie was leaving the Captain's ready room he was concerned on how Heather was going to react to the news, being that he wasn't actually on duty he would talk to her first then he would need to speak with T'Sol next. He wanted to be the one to tell her before she heard the news from someone else figuring this kind of news would travel around the Ship quickly.

Tapping his Comm “Lieutenant O'Connell to Ensign Devroe”

“Devroe, what's up Lieutenant” she answered.

“If your available I need to talk to you as soon as possible” Jamie stated.

“Sure....I just returned to my can come by if you wish if it's that important” Heather replied.

“Thanks...that would be great...I'll see you in a few minutes” Jamie said and made his way to her Quarters. Before he would see her he decided not to tip his hand, as any good poker player would tell you, and removed the new pip from his collar and placed it in his pocket.


When Jamie arrived at Heather's place, she was waiting for him at the door.

“Hi...please come in” as she walked back into her Quarters with Jamie following.

“So...what's this all sounded so ominous” Heather stated not knowing exactly what was going on.

“Let's sit down and I'll explain it to's nothing bad” Jamie retorted.

After they sat down on the couch “A few minutes ago the Captain called me to her Ready Room for a conversation” he started to explain.

“Your not in any trouble are you” she asked very concerned.

“No....just the opposite. The Captain offered me a promotion” he continued.

“But...I thought that you loved Engineering” Heather said.

“I do....but I've been doing it since the Academy....I thought maybe it was time for a change and promotions don't come along that often” he answered “She offered me a position as her....First Officer.....and I accepted.”

Suddenly Heather just stared at the floor not saying a word which made Jamie extremely nervous.

“Heather...what's the matter” he asked and not getting any sort of reply.

“Please say can tell me anything” then he tenderly took his hand and lifted her chin up as he saw her blue eyes filled with tears “I thought that you'd be happy for me...for us.”

Holding back the tears “Do you have any idea what the Protocols are concerning those in a command position in relationship to those under their command” Heather asked scared to death at what she was about to hear.

Then it hit Jamie, like a ton of bricks, what she was getting at “I'm so sorry....I should have explained it better. Before I gave the Captain my answer I made her aware of our relationship to make sure that she had no objections to it....and she didn't.”

“And what would have happened....if she had” she answered fighting back the tears.

“Then I would have declined the promotion. I will not let anything come between us....your way to important to me” was Jamie's explanation.

Then Heather could hold back the tears no more and threw her arms around Jamie and hugged him so tightly that he almost couldn't breath “ Jamie....if I couldn't be with you would just break my heart...and I don't know if I could bare that.” as the tears were flowing freely.

After a few minutes Heather stopped crying and looked at Jamie as he handed her a napkin “I'm sorry I over reacted.....and I am happy for you.....but I want our relationship to continue” as she wiped her tears away.

“And it will....that's what I want be with you” Jamie responded then gave her a very tender kiss “I'm not going anywhere...your stuck with me....I guess that you'll have to get used to being in a relationship with a Commander instead of a Lieutenant.”

And with that comment Heather's smile returned “Being stuck with you is exactly what I want!”

Jamie stood up and took Heather by the hand “I hope you feel better now...I didn't mean to scare you with the news. Now I need to go talk to T'Sol” Jamie said “Can I call you later?”

“That's was such a surprise that my emotions got the best of me which seems to only happen when your concerned. Yes....please call me later after the dust settles” Heather responded.

“Before I forget it....would you like to do the honors” as Jamie pulled the new pip out of his pocket and handed it to Heather.

“It would be my pleasure....Commander” She stated with a smile as she carefully pinned the new pip to Jamie's collar then proceeded to give him a kiss “Didn't the Captain already do this when she promoted you?”

“Yes she did....but I didn't want you see the promotion in rank before I had a chance to explain things to you so I removed it in the Lift....besides the Captain didn't kiss me afterwards” Jamie said with a chuckle.

“I should certainly hope not” she stated with a smile “Call me later.”

“Yes, I will” Jamie replied and gave her one last kiss.

Jamie was very relieved that was over.... although he didn't expect that sort of reaction from her. But it just reaffirmed to him how she felt about him and how he feels about her. Now he would meet with T'Sol and inform him of his new role in Engineering....Jamie's first duty in his new position.


Jamie walked into Engineering and saw T'Sol on the computer console platform “Ensign T'Sol could I have a word with you in the Engineering Office please.” as Jamie made his way to his, what would now be, old Office.

T'Sol walked into the office “Yes Lieut....” and stopped in mid sentence when he noticed Jamie's collar; he snapped to attention “I beg your pardon Commander.”

“As you were Ensign and please have a seat there is something that I need to discuss with you” Jamie said. T'Sol sat down not being to sure what was to follow.

“As you can see by my collar, the Captain asked me a short time ago to be her First Officer and I accepted. That being said that now leaves a big hole in Engineering. After speaking with the Captain we both agreed that until such time as Star Fleet sends a new Chief, we would like you to fill the gap.” Jamie explained “So what do you say.”

T'Sol looking at Jamie “Well...that would be the logical choice....yes I will do my best Commander.”

“Good.... I know you will; let's go tell the rest of Engineering” as Jamie stood and shook T'Sol's hand “Congratulations.”

As Jamie and T'Sol walked up onto the platform, Jamie turned “Could I have your attention please” as the room looked at Jamie “I have an announcement to make. A short time ago the Captain promoted me to First Officer and as a result we have decided to place Ensign T'Sol in charge; he is a gifted and brilliant Engineer . Also I would like Ensign Paige to be his Second. It has been my pleasure to serve with such a fine group of people and I know that things will be no different with Ensign T'Sol in charge.”

Everyone came up to congratulate both Jamie and T'Sol. Before Jamie left he took one last look around as he tuned to T'Sol “This is your baby now....make me proud.”

“I will Commander” T'Sol replied; and with that Jamie left his old home.



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