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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Posted on Sun Feb 21st, 2021 @ 11:16am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Resupply and Refit
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Current



After spending quite a bit of time with Heather recently, Jamie decided to do something totally different and unexpected. With that in mind he asked Heather to meet him here at sixteen hundred hours for a bit of a surprise.

At exactly sixteen hundred hours Jamie looked up to see Heather walking towards him looking as beautiful and stunning as ever.

“Hey there gorgeous, how are you” he asked.

“I'm much better now that I'm with you” she said smiling then gave him a kiss “So what's the big surprise?”

“I'll show you. Computer initiate O'Connell zero one” and as the doors slid open they walked inside.

Heather just looked around in compete awe. She was seeing gorgeous blue skies with the sun shinning brightly and beautiful rolling grassy green hills. A short distance away she could see a stone cottage with a thatched roof and a fence made with flat stones stacked up one on top of the other.

“Wow....this is incredibly beautiful.....what is this place” she asked as she was holding his hand and still looking around.

“This is a simulation of Cork County Ireland on Earth; this is where I grew up and I thought you might like to see it” Jamie explained.

“Why in the world did you leave such a beautiful place to join Starfleet?” Heather asked.

“Mainly because I was restless here and didn't want to spend the rest of my days running our family farm” he answered “Besides....if I hadn't enlisted in Starfleet....then I would have never met you....and that would have been the biggest mistake of my life” taking Heather in his arms and looking into those gorgeous eyes of hers “As beautiful as it is cannot hold a candle to how beautiful you are.”

Heather just stood for a moment looking at Jamie quite speechless; then “Jamie O'Connell, you are quite the charmer...I'm going to have to keep you around for awhile” she responded smiling. Then gave him a very affectionate kiss.

“Well....that's the plan” he responded with a smile.

“Here...let's walk over this way” he said while he took her hand and led the way. They made their way over to a big shade tree with a blanket spread out on the ground and a basket, which had something behind it, with an ice bucket containing a bottle of wine.

“What's this” she asked looking at the area in front of them.

“This is what used to be called a 'picnic' with the blanket to sit on with food and wine. This is what couples did on Earth when they wanted to spend some time together in this beautiful countryside” Jamie explained.

As they sat on the blanket Jamie reached behind the basket and pulled out an object wrapped in a heavy paper and handed it handle first to Heather “I have a surprise for you” Jamie said.

“What's this” asked a surprised Heather.

“Go ahead and open it and you'll see for yourself” he responded being quite excited.

Heather opened the package and couldn't believe her eyes “Jamie O'Connell did you go back and buy this for shouldn't have.”

“Well...I didn't exactly. I returned to the Shop and asked the Shop Keep if he had the specs for that Bat'leth and he did; so he gave me a copy. And by the way he called you my girlfriend and complimented you on your skill with that weapon. He even said that most Klingons he's seen aren't as skilled as you are” he continued “So I had T'Sol replicate this using the exact specs from the Shop and he made it out of Titanium. I also asked him to make sure it was balanced.”

Heather got up off the blanket and walked a short distance away from Jamie, after all she wouldn't want to accidentally take Jamie's head off, and began to wield the Bat'leth. After several minutes she stopped and came back to Jamie “ Wow....T'Sol did an excellent job replicating's so much better balanced than the one in the Shop; I'll be sure to thank him when I see him again” Heather replied.

She set the weapon against the tree and turning to Jamie “Thank you so much....that was so nice of you...but you really shouldn't have” as she gave him a kiss "So the Shop Keep called me your girlfriend...he's very perceptive."

“I saw how much you admired it at the Shop, I just wanted you to have way or another. So I take it that it meets with your approval then” Jamie asked.

“Absolutely...that is an incredible much better than the other one” Heather confessed.

So they shared some cheese, ham, and bread which all originated from Ireland; except the wine which was a Chateau Picard Rose. They talked for awhile enjoying each other's company along with the food and wine. After they had finished, Jamie put everything back in the basket and he stretched out on the blanket with Heather beside of him as they were looking up at the beautiful blue sky.

“This is so nice; you really are a very special person to me Jamie” Heather said “And all the compliments that you keep giving me makes me very happy. I'm a very lucky girl to have you in my life” then she proceeded to kiss him rather tenderly for a few moments.

They lay next to each other for awhile looking up at the beautiful blue sky while holding hands, each being very content with the present situation.

Heather was so happy to be in this beautiful place with Jamie “You know....the more that I get to know you....the more amazing you turn out to be.”

Leaning over Heather “But not as amazing as you are Heather Devroe; you are intelligent, beautiful, warm, kind, and it's such a pleasure to be with” Jamie said as he would kiss different areas of her neck in between compliments “And my feelings are only growing stronger for you as the days go by.”

For the second time that night Heather was speechless; Jamie was so loving and kind which she was not accustomed to in previous relationships. She just leaned over Jamie and kissed him for awhile.

Then Jamie sat up looking at Heather “I'm pretty sure that we are going to be assigned a new mission soon; so sadly we may not be able to spend as much time together socially....which is going to hard for me.” he said being very honest.

Looking at Jamie “I figured that a new mission was on the's going to be hard for me too...but that's Starfleet” Heather answered “But I'm so grateful for these last couple of weeks being able to see each other so much....and besides the mission won't last forever” as she gave him a kiss.

“I suppose not” Jamie answered sounding a little glum.

Looking at Jamie “What's wrong.....why the long face” she asked very concerned “ to me.”

“With the new mission, it just occurred to me that my new role and rank on the Ship....may be a little overwhelming” he answered being unsure of himself.

“Jamie O'Connell...I've never heard you talk like that before" Heather said starting to worry” If anyone can pull this can. Besides you have something that no one else has.”

Looking into those beautiful blue eyes “And what's that” Jamie asked.

“You have me in your corner” Heather stated “I would move moons for you if I could; there is nothing that I would not do for you.”

Jamie looked up at Heather with his smile returning “Thank you for saying so....and I would do the same for you in a heartbeat” he replied.

Jamie's Comm went off as a reminder that their time was up in the Holodeck. They folded up the blanket and grabbed the basket getting ready to depart.

“Jamie I had such a wonderful time tonight; I wish that it didn't have to end. I know that we both have to be on duty tomorrow; so I guess we should probably be going” Heather stated as she took one last look at this beautiful place.

“Yes....I suppose so.... it's like they say 'all good things must come to an end'. Of course we can visit here any time you would like” Jamie said with a smile.

“Yes....I would like that.... spending more time here with you” Heather confessed as she lightly squeezed his hand.

“Computer end program” and the room turned into lines on all sides.

When they were outside the Holodeck Jamie held her hand while she held her gift in the other and He escorted Heather back to her place.


“Jamie thank you for a lovely evening and the was very thoughtful of you” Heather said.

“Your welcome and I would tell you to put it to good use, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea” Jamie replied with a chuckle.

“Your right, probably not” Heather replied and she proceeded to give him a kiss “Good night....I'll see you soon.”



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