Posted on Sat Feb 27th, 2021 @ 9:03pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Brooks Balrog & Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Brieifing Room
Timeline: Current


Mystery had received new orders and after reading them walked into the briefing room and called her senior staff. Remembering the last time she'd asked the chef to bring goodies had not gone well she'd selected various pastries, coffee, and juices and set them on the table while she waited for her staff to arrive.

Jamie was sitting at his desk in the XO's office reading over some reports trying to bring himself up to speed in regards to his new position as First Officer when he received the call to report to the Briefing Room. As Jamie walked into the room, with PADD in hand, he looked towards Mystery "Good morning Captain" and made his way to the appropriate seat.

Soon to follow was Ensign Devroe, who was the ACSO, and Ensign T'Sol. This would be T'Sol's first briefing as the new acting CEO. Each of them acknowledged the Captain and took their proper seats. Heather looked in Jamie's direction offering a nice smile which was promptly returned. Conspicuously absent was the ship's operations officer, Lt. Brooks Balrog.

"Help yourselves to some pastries and something to drink while we wait for the rest of the senior staff.

Chuck entered the briefing room. He addressed the room. "Good Morning, Captain." He nodded to Jamie and gave a thumbs up. "Good Morning, Commander. Good Morning, Ensigns," acknowledging the junior officers with weighty responsibilities. He poured himself a cup of coffee and took his seat.

"Good morning commander," Mystery said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Commander, good to see you again" Jamie responded.

"Good to see you as well, sir. Please allow me to buy you a drink as congratulations." Chuck was genuinely happy to see others advance due to merit and not nepotism.

"Thank you that's very generous of you, sounds like a good idea" Jamie replied.

Lieutenant JG Lance entered and acknowledged the senior officers. "Captain. Commanders," he said before slipping into his seat and busying himself with his PADD.

"I'll give everyone a few more minutes before I tell you why I've called this meeting," Mystery said

Feyd more drifted into the room than strutted, and quietly took a seat at the table.

Mystery stood and activated the view screen "I want to thank you all for coming. We've been ordered to moderate a treaty between two planets. They are Triangular and Astra. They've been at war for several years and want peace but neither side can agree on terms of a treaty. Both planets have something the other one needs. There is fighting on both planets. I'm going to open the floor to questions and suggestions. Triangular is the largest of the planets and is ringed and Astra is similar to Earth in size." she changed the image on the screen to show both planets.

Jamie looked around the room at his fellow officers and figured he may as well be the first one to comment "So if both planets are still fighting, where are the talks going to be held and do we need to have the Marines involved in security and possibly maintain a defensive posture around the area during the talks."

"There are two possibilities for the talks, one is aboard the ship and the other is a third planet that is neutral in this and yes the marines will be involved," Mystery said.

Chuck pulled out his PADD. "Do we need Fleet resources in support of the mission, ma'am?"

Kevin cocked an eyebrow at Chuck's question. You can take the officer out of strategic operations but you can't take strategic ops out of the officer, he reasoned.

"As you've noticed Commander Gillespie has moved from Strategic Operations to Science," Mystery said "In regards to his question about needing Fleet resources I'm sure we will and security will be needed. Especially if we host the talks aboard ship. Last thing we need is a fight to break out on the ship."

"We'll be ready for whatever comes, ma'am," Kevin replied.

"I know you will," Mystery replied as she looked around the room "Anyone else have questions, comments or concerns. Doctor I'll need you to make sure sick bay is ready just in case we need to transport injured aboard. Science get a full scan of both planets. I'll need to know what I'm getting us into."

"Yes, ma'am," Chuck replied.

Jefferson, having stood quietly in the corner and successfully unnoticed by everyone, steps forward and refills everyone's cups and glasses with whatever they are drinking. His skills at serving such that nobody at the table really even notices him perform his task.

Not getting anymore comments or questions "Okay everyone that's it. Dismissed. You all know what to do. Keep me posted on everything you find," Mystery said getting to her feet.