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The Unthinkable

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{Personnel Log: Lieutenant JG T'Sol}

T'Sol was sitting at his desk going over some things on his Terminal when his Comm went off "Lieutenant JG T'Sol you have a Priority One communication coming in from Vulcan" PO Jaenke stated. "Patch it through to my Quarters" T'Sol responded.

Momentarily a familiar face appeared on his Terminal "Mother, what do I owe the pleasure" T'Sol asked in an inquiring tone wondering why his Mother would contact him after all this time.

"T'Sol my Son......I wish to inform you of a family is your Father, T'Lor" then B'Lin paused looking for the right words to say " He has suffered a massive has taken his life" she stated in an even tone.

T'Sol sat for a moment before replying "Thank you Mother for informing me of this event......Father was getting up in logically this tragedy was to be expected at some point in time" T'Sol answered with the typical Vulcan logic "Do you need me to return to Vulcan?"

"Well my Son it is a little more complicated than that......T'Lor was still a member of the Vulcan High Council.....logically you know what your duty is according to Vulcan custom" his Mother stated evenly.

"Yes Mother I am well aware of Vulcan customs.......I will make arrangements here and will let you know when I am ready to depart" T'Sol replied.

"That is acceptable...I knew you would do what custom logically dictates" B'Lin replied "I will make arrangements for a Vulcan Ship to provide transportation back to Vulcan....expect the Ship in two days time.....will that give you enough time."

"It will Mother and I will see you in a few days" he stated as the Terminal went back to what he was working on.

As T'Sol sat processing what had just taken place, he soon realized that his life was about to change forever. Soon Star Fleet would just become a distant memory; but his Vulcan duty must prevail.


Lieutenant J.G. T'Sol
Engineering Officer
USS Independence


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