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Pandoran's in Starfleet

Posted on Wed Feb 23rd, 2022 @ 1:09am by Lieutenant Kasm

The planet Pandora has a very complex society based on Federation ratings. Though it was successful at achieving Warp drive and catching the attention of the Federation, the society and over all technology of the world belies the advancements made in space flight itself.

In regards to the Federations Technological Index: {}
Space Science Index:
Though the Pandorans have discovered Warp drive, their overall tech level in space sciences actually falls around lvl 6. They have successfully explored most of their solar system, and have established mining operations in one of the two asteroid belts. Though they are still using fusion/ion drives for propulsion.

Physical Science Index:
Because of their discovery of the DilithiumX Crystals they actually bypassed the discovery of nuclear fission and went straight to nuclear fusion. And are unaware of xrays and microwaves, though they do have basic understanding of radio and radar. And they have also discovered how to focus nuclear fusion using their DilithiumX Crystals as immensely powerful explosive devices used in mining asteroids.

Engineering Index:
Solidly at lvl 6 in their computer technology and are in development of superconductors.

Planetary Science Index:
Between lvl 4 and 5. Though they have not developed technology to control planetary events, they do have significant advanced technology in regards to geology and mining efforts.

Life/Medical Science Index:
Pandora's medical sciences are equivalent to about 1940's Earth

Psionics Index:
Pandoran's are unaware of psionic abilities, and are only recently discovering these abilities in some races as they become more aware of various members of the Federation.

Social Science Index:
The Pandoran's don't truly fit into the Federations Social Science Index scale. Socially they understand socio economics and formal leadership, but because of their Cultural foundation, they have a clear separation of social responsibility between the male and female members of their race. The females have responsibilities that put them into leadership roles, as well as being responsible for raising the young and managing the households. They hold the administrative positions in business. The females are also a minority, racially, so are kept from activities that might put them at risk.
The males of the race are the ones who perform more physical activities and any tasks that carry any sort of risk.

Cultural Attitude Index:
Culturally the Pandoran's live in 'family' units known as Consortiums. Pandorna Consortium's are a combination of extended family unit, business enterprise and local government. Consortiums are generally dedicated to a specific industries like mining, forestry, medicine, specific technologies, farming, etc. The Pandoran's have no standing military, though they do have law enforcement.


Based on the Pandoran's society and technology indexes, they were not truly ready to enter into the Federation society or culture. Of the 5 Pandoran's who were allowed to enter Star Fleet Academy, none of them successfully passed the entrance exams. Due to the agreement between the Federation and Pandora, the Federation had no choice but to allow them entry into the Academy.

{Academy leadership assumed that the Pandoran's would end up quiting the Academy after they realized that the education they were receiving was so far beyond them that they really should not be there. Even though, amongst the 5 Pandoran's, none of them were any more than passing students, and in quite a few subjects, were failing, they had not accounted for the Pandoran's dogged persistence and determination to finish what they started and never give up on what they are doing. In addition to their fanatical work ethic putting in a minimum of 16 hours of work each day towards their education; where most other students, especially humans could be found out partying and taking advantage of any and all leave opportunities they could.}

As for their psycological reviews, the Pandoran's were all found to be, compared to humans, exceptionally aggressive, short tempered and antisocial.

Overall, Pandora, as a world, has a long way to go before they are ready for membership in the Federation. Though because of the uniqueness of the Dilithium Crystals the Federation is willing to make some exceptions in dealing with the Pandorans.


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