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The Captain's Ways

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 5:16pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Ares Curillo
Edited on on Fri Sep 4th, 2020 @ 11:40pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Risa
Timeline: Backpost Before Our Assistance Is Needed


Ares had arrived aboard from Risa after enjoying his own respite. While the others were having leave Ares was aboard getting into the groove of his own department.

A lot of the crew seemed curious to get to no but Ares was shy to make waves, just yet.

Except for his staff and senior officers Ares was going to keep mentally and physically fit. Fune tune the science department and show the Captain why he was worthy of her respect.

On way to the bridge he spied her entering the lift.

" Ah Captain fancy meeting you here," Ares flirted.

"Lieutenant," Mystery greeted "Are you getting used to the ship yet and what do you think of your department?"

" State of the art labs. Copernicus himself would be amazed. Alas no one to share meals with, perhaps you wouldah join me maybe tonight? To make me more comfortable perhaps?" he flirted again.

"I'd be honored to have dinner with you," Mystery replied

" Bravo, Great then. I know I just came aboard but I know a few places on Risa?" Ares replied.

"There are several good places on Risa," Mystery said "All depends on what your hungry for."

" Well Captain man can no live by bread alone.. My appetite is always hungry." Ares replied.

"I know a nice restaurant that over looks a lake, It serves the best seafood you've ever had and some of the best wine you can imagine," Mystery commented

Ares smiled as he was really into the Captain's beauty.

" Ladies first," he said as the doors opened. Ares wasted no time making his passes. She was the Captain but she was all woman in his mind.

Mystery stepped onto the bridge and accepted several PADD's, turning to face Ares, "Give me a couple of hours to check on things here and then we'll return to the planet if that works for you?"

Ares smiled so as not to embarrass her position. Diverting himself to his science station.

He was only at his station a few minutes when a priority distress call came. Diverting all personal issue to the mission at hand.



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