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Anomalies III

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 @ 2:47pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance & Lieutenant Ares Curillo
Edited on on Fri Sep 4th, 2020 @ 3:31pm

Mission: Distress Call
Location: USS Independence and Freighter Olympia
Timeline: Current


The ensign at the science console established a connection to Lieutenant Curillo's com badge. "Ensign Takach to Lieutenant Curillo," she said.

=/\ = Currilo here how can I help you Ensign?=/\=

"Sir, I can't make sense of the reading on the anomaly from our probe," the Ensign stated, "Can you take a look?"

Ares looked at the data and made some observations from a previous scan.

=/\= Where is the probe now Ensign?=/\= Ares asked as he scanned the Olympia's field coils.

"Circling the anomaly at ten thousand kilometers," reported the Ensign, "I am sending the data stream to your PADD."

=/\ = Ensign adjust the probe to scan for tachyons. We could be dealing with a cloaked vessel.=/\= Ares requested.

"Aye, sir." Takach began programming instructions for the probe.


"The engineer suspects something and our erstwhile hostage is about to confess."

"Launch the phasic missiles and portal the strike team to the freighter."


Lieutenant Lance was alternating between the tactical plot, long range scanners, and the freighter when he overheard Lieutenant O'Connell's voice from the communicator in the Captain's chair, "Looks like we may have a big problem on our hands.........."

As if Lieutenant O'Connell's words had been prophecy, the alarm klaxon at the tactical console began to warble. A quick look at the tactical plot by Kevin reveal two small masses accelerating towards the Independence. "Incoming!" he shouted as he hit the control to raise shields and braced for impact.



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