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Repelling Alien Invaders

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 9:11am by Ensign Lucas Miles

Mission: Distress Call
Location: USS Olympia
Timeline: Current


"O'Connell to the away team, get to the Bridge NOW!" came the plea from the Chief Engineer.

Lucas had started sprinting for the Bridge along with Lieutenants Curillo and Barlog. Of course, thanks to the Chief Engineer’s combadge, the rest of the away team, including the Independence had been able to listen in to the conversation that was taking place on the Bridge of the Olympia.

So Lucas knew there had been a struggle and judging from the sounds, he suspected that the Starfleet officers might have been able to get the upper hand on the unknown hostile invaders. As the turbolift ascended towards the control centre of the freighter ship, Lucas readied his phaser.

He suddenly regretted his unspoken wish that something exciting happen on his first away mission as an officer. Exciting was good…but when it risked the lives of his comrades, then that price was too much.

His only prayer now was that no one was harmed.

As the turbolift doors parted, Lucas was greeted to the sight of Lieutenant O’Connell’s phaser aimed at them and pointed directly at Lieutenant Barlog who was the first one out of the lift. But this only lasted for a second as the Chief Engineer soon lowered his weapon upon realization that he was among friends.

Lucas glanced at the small control centre noting that both Starfleet officer and hostile aliens alike were unconscious on the ground, except for the Chief Engineer. Thanks to the quick thinking of both the Chief Medical and Chief Engineering officers, their alien invaders had been neutralized. Lucas let out a sigh of relief.

But he was soon fascinated by a glowing portal that was on one corner of the Bridge. He presumed this was the portal from which the alien came from. He marvelled at the sight of such a technology, which would seem to parallel that of the Iconian gateway. Lucas was suddenly gravely worried about their unfriendly aliens. If they possessed technology like this and truly meant to harm the Independence and her crew, then this was going to be the proverbial case of David and Goliath.

" Curillo and Miles watch that glowing portal and if anything comes through it, shoot to kill and ask questions latter."

Lucas raised his eyebrows at the order, although he understood it. The aliens had attacked first, and all indications were that they remained hostile and so their rules of engagement had to take that under consideration.

Moving to the portal, Lucas trained his phaser on the portal. He was curious about the portal, wondering where it led. He was wondering if it allowed travel one way or both ways when the portal suddenly vanished without warning. A second later, the alien bodies began vanishing one after the other in smaller portals that seemed to suck them in.

“I guess that answers that question,” Lucas whispered. He whirled around phaser at the ready and his gaze casting around looking for signs of any further disappearance or sudden appearance. In his mind, he envisioned a small tactical team suddenly appearing at strategic locations around the confined command centre, but no such thing happened.

For now at least he thought.

Quickly jumping to the helm station, he figured he might as well try and figure out what was happening with the limited sensor capabilities of the freighters.

To his back, he could hear the Freighter Captain’s worry about the well-being of his family who had apparently been kidnapped by the aliens. He also heard the Captain’s instruction as well. The ship’s log had been wiped, but Lucas had downloaded all the information he could straight from the computer core. He suspected some computer experts back on the Independence might be able to retrieve what was erased. But there was no telling how long that would take.

Turning to the Captain, Lucas knew he was the best source of information they had now about who these aliens were and why they had attacked both his freighter, and now the Independence. And what was with their obsession with USS Voyager and their claim of giving that ship slipstream technology?

He turned back to his console. He had many questions but as with all things…time would provide answers.

Ensign Lucas Miles
Flight Control Officer
USS Independence


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