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Treasure Hunting Part I

Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 @ 11:57am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Resupply and Refit
Location: Star Base 10
Timeline: Current



The Independence was due to dock at Star Base 10 soon which would give the Crew some time for a little R&R. Jamie thought that it would be nice to ask Heather if she would like to accompany him to check out some of the Shops and Eateries.

Tapping his Comm “Lieutenant O'Connell to Ensign Devroe” Jamie announced.

“Ensign Devroe, go ahead Lieutenant” came the reply.

“I was wondering.....well actually hoping that you might like to accompany me to the Star Base to check out some of the Shops and Eateries tomorrow; at your convenience of course” Jamie asked being quite hopeful that the answer would be yes.

“That would be nice...let's say about eleven hundred hours...if that's ok with you. I was hoping that we might be able to spend some time together. Uniforms as the attire, I assume.” Heather responded.

“Yes....eleven hundred hours is good for me too....I'm looking forward to it. Uniforms would probably be the smart choice....less chances of any problems. I'll swing by your Quarters then we can go from there” Jamie replied trying not to act too excited since they were unable to see each other socially for quite sometime now due to their individual duties.

“Great, I'll see you then. Devroe out” came the reply from a very excited Ensign.

[Star Base 10]

Soon Heather and Jamie materialized on the Promenade Deck of the Star Base where all of the assorted Shops were located.

“So where would you like to start” Jamie inquired.

“Let's start with this Shop over here; this looks interesting” Heather suggested and soon they were off looking for their first treasure.

As they entered the store Jamie looked around at all of the strange looking metal objects “What is this stuff” he whispered to Heather.

“These are hand to hand combat weapons from different worlds” she responded rather excited and made her way to a rather nasty looking weapon. As she picked the weapon up and was admiring it she turned to Jamie “This is a Klingon Bat'leth which is a very elegant and deadly weapon” she explained.

Turning to Shop Keep “Sir is there someplace where I can safely wield this?”

“Yes over there in that roped-off empty space, it's reserved for such activities” the Shop Keep answered; he then looked over at Jamie “Maybe you better stay here for this.”

Heather walked over to the area and began to wield the weapon with great ease and incredible skill. Jamie just watched from a distance totally mesmerized by what he was seeing. After a few minutes Heather stopped and turned making her way over to the Shop owner inquiring about the price of the object. After a brief conversation Heather shook the Shop Keep's hand and turned and walked over to Jamie “I'm all set, we can go now” as she made her way towards the door with Jamie following.

“What was that about....I thought you were going to purchase the weapon” Jamie inquired.

“Well I was certainly thinking about it but he wanted way too much for it. I could have one forged cheaper than that and probably better balanced” she responded.

“All I know I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that thing with you wielding it” Jamie said with a slight chuckle. “So where to now?”

“You choose” Heather said with a smile.

“Well....I wouldn't mind going into this Book Shop for a few minutes” Jamie answered. Then he took Heather's hand, for he really didn't care at this point who saw them together and she smiled while gently giving his hand a squeeze. Jamie figured by now that most of his Crew Mates probably figured out that there was something between the two of them. So they made their way into the Shop. They looked around until he saw something that caught his eye. It was a book about Cochrane's Warp Drive. As he opened the book and thumbed through it he noticed that it went into great detail and explanation.

Meanwhile Heather stood by his side, looking over his shoulder, with a smirk on her face “I should have known you'd find something that had to do with Engineering” she commented with a chuckle.

“Am I that predictable?” Jamie asked.

Smiling Heather shrugged and said “A little perhaps. Are you going to buy it.”

“Yes, I think I might, to add it to my collection” he answered.

“Please...let me buy it for you....sort of a present” she exclaimed “For being such a nice guy.”

Jamie suddenly felt a little embarrassed, because of the compliment, and was pretty sure his face was starting to turn red. “Thank you...that's very kind of you.”

“It's my pleasure” as she noticed his face “Are you blushing” she asked “I've never been with a guy who blushes when someone does something nice for them.....that's so sweet.” Now he could feel his face really turning red as he looked away.

After Heather paid for the item they exited the Shop and she handed him the book “Here you go” and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Where to now?”

“Are you getting hungry at all” he inquired.

After a few moments of thought “Yes...actually I think I am” she answered.

Looking around Jamie saw an Eatery that looked rather different “Let's try that place over there...looks interesting.”

Heather nodded in agreement, so they made their way over to the Eatery and went inside.

They both looked around and Heather saw an empty table for two over in the corner so she led the way still holding Jamie's hand. After they sat down; a gentleman soon came over with a couple of menus “Welcome to the Haza, here is our menu and I'll be back shortly to take your orders. Would you like something to drink in the meantime” he asked in a pleasant tone.

“Do you have any Chateau Picard wines” Heather asked.

“Yes, we have a full line of those wines” the gentleman answered.

“Excellent, we'll take two glasses of Rose, Sir” Heather answered.

“Nice choice, I'll be right back with your wine and will take your order if you're ready” he said and off he went.

While looking through the menu Jamie really couldn't make much sense of what he was reading. Looking up at Heather “Can you make any sense out of this menu” he asked.

“Yes, it seems quite straight forward” Heather replied thinking that maybe she should not have put it quite that way “Would you like me to order for us.”

Jamie simply nodded yes.

“How about noodles cooked in a sauce” she inquired.

“Yes...that sounds good” he responded.

Soon the waiter returned with their wine “Are you ready to order now?” he asked.

“Yes we are. We'll have two orders of Or'zon with a brown butter sauce, if you please” Heather answered.

“Very good, I'll be back with your food shortly” the waiter said.

Jamie looking into her beautiful blue eyes “Wow....I'm impressed! You certainly are full of surprises.”

“Well as much as I would like to add to your fantasy, I must confess, that was the only item on the menu that I recognized. Everything else I had no idea what it was either and the only reason I knew what this was is because it's a very delicious Betazoid dish” Heather confessed and at that they both started laughing.

Soon their food arrived and the waiter placed their food in front of them “Enjoy your meal and if there's anything you need don't be afraid to ask” then he turned and left.

Jamie took his fork and tried the food “This is really, really good” he exclaimed being very pleasantly surprised.

“I'm glad you like it....I thought you might” Heather responded.

They sat and ate their meal together chatting along the way for awhile. After they had finished Jamie signaled the waiter and he brought over the check for the meal and handed it to Jamie.

“Since you were so kind to buy me the book, then please let me pay for our meal.” he explained.

“Fair enough” Heather replied not wanting to hurt his feelings by arguing over the matter.

After Jamie had paid for their meal they left the Eatery. “Where to now” Jamie asked.

Taking Jamie's hand “Why don't we just walk around and see what we can find next” Heather replied.

“Sounds like a plan” he said and off they went looking for their next treasure.



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